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5 Words Used to Describe Guys in the 18th Century

The guys haven’t changed; we just gave them all new nicknames.

1. Rake – Your typical rake in the 18th century would be classified as your average f**kboy in today’s society. In other words, he’s totally gonna play you… so get in the game or get out.

John Tucker must die because he’s a rake

2. Fop – That guy who is always perfect looking from head to toe, and you can tell he’s really into himself and his appearance, yep, he’s a fop.

Bumper is a highly agitating human being, making him a classic example of a fop.

3. Beau – French for handsome, a beau is a gentlemen, totally agreeable in every respect and definitely crush worthy.

Scott Eastwood is the most gorgeous beau I’ve ever seen.

4. Spark –If you have a secret admirer, lover, or boyfriend, well then this young beau is your spark.

No doubt, Jack is Rose’s beautiful spark.

5. Coxcomb – This guy is conceited, arrogant, and extremely disagreeable to be around, so we stay away from all the coxcombs.

Bradley Cooper is the perfect coxcomb in Wedding Crashers.

Laugh, smile, and channel your bliss.
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