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5 Places to Travel as a Student

It seems like the travel bug really bites people when they’re in college. I don’t know whether this wanderlust occurs because so many people travel for college and experience exploring and living in an area away from home for the first time, or because they study abroad, but college students have a thirst for travel. They want to see all the places and experience every different thing that they can. Unfortunately, they need to accomplish all of this on a college budget. So, in order to help you overcome your craving for exploration, here are six countries that are pretty affordable to visit.

  1. The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is an ideal country for college students to travel to. Recently, it’s become a popular destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties because of the great bar scene. Make time to go on the bar crawl in Prague when you’re there; you’ll go to a handful of bars and end the night at Karlovy Lazne, the biggest nightclub in central Europe. There are also stunning sites, from the beautiful city of Prague to Pilsen, where Pilsner beer originated from.

2. Thailand

Thailand has hundreds of islands, along with a huge capital city. You can visit opulent palaces, gorgeous ruins, and great national parks. Head to the Ayutthaya HIstorical Park, which is also named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s just a one-hour trip from Bangkok and is the site of a former capital of the country. Some ruins are still left over from hundreds years ago. You can also go to Tiger Kingdom or the Elephant Nature Park and interact with some incredible creatures.

3. Vietnam

This country has many wonderful destinations, such as the city of Dalat, where you can feast your eyes on French colonial architecture and enjoy cooler weather than the rest of the country has to offer. You can leave and explore lush valleys and beautiful scenery. Head to Sapa where various homes sit on terraces up the hillside and it’s sometimes encircled in mist.

4. Romania

Romania is a country with a rich folkloric history and wonderful places to visit. There are numerous castles all over the country that you can stop and see. Make sure to make time to visit Bran Castle, where the legendary (but also historical) Count Dracula lived. You can spend time on the beaches next to the Black Sea or wander through the Romanian countryside and enjoy the beauty of this country.

5. Chile

This long and thin country covers almost the entire west coast of South America and offers a huge variety of environments. If you travel far enough south, you can even see penguins on the colder tip of the country! If you can, visit the Valle de la Lune, which has rock formations that are reminiscent of the moon’s landscape. There are lots of other natural landscapes you can visit, along with stunning churches and unique cities and towns.

I attend Franklin & Marshall College and am the campus correspondent of the Her Campus chapter here. I also play flute with the Pep Band and Symphonic Wind Ensemble. I am an editor for the Patsy Post, am involved with F&M Unleashed, a member of Mu Upsilon Sigma, and a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi, a co-ed honors fraternity.
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