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3 Tips for Self-Care as a Busy College Student

Everybody needs a little self-care every now and then. February is the month of love and that definitely does not exclude self-love. Here are three tips on how you can practice self-care as a busy college student.

Tip #1: Face Masks!

If you are a busy gal who is always in a time crunch, what better way to spare 10-15 minutes to relax than to put on a face mask? There’s something for everyone and it’s a fun and relaxing thing that you can add to your weekly schedule.

Tip #2: Eat Something Healthy Once a Day

Staying healthy is an important aspect of life in general. This is especially true for college students who are exposed to so many unhealthy choices that may be available on a college campus. Two good rules to keep in mind is to eat in moderation and to try to have at least one serving size of fruits or vegetables in your meals. Your body will thank you in the future!

Tip #3: Do One Thing a Day That Makes You Happy

This might seem like a minuscule thing for some while extremely difficult for others. It’s important that you prioritize yourself and show yourself some love! And what better way to do that than by doing one thing that makes you happy every day. Whether it is calling your mom or grabbing a cup of coffee, any little thing can help.

What’s your favorite tip for self-care?

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Vivian is the current Campus Correspondent and Marketing Director of the Her Campus chapter at F&M, where she has been a member for 3 years. She is a senior at Franklin & Marshall College, studying business and sociology. In her free time, she can be found catching up on TV shows, reading novels, or spending time with her sorority sisters. Her interests include branding, public relations, and marketing.
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