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10 Ways to Know You’re a Senior

10 ways to know you’re a senior

1.  You have mastered the art of writing an essay merely 12 hours before it is due.

2.  You spend more time editing and rereading your job applications than your weekly summaries

3.   You go through a bottle of wine while in your pjs because it’s better than being out cold and drunk in a frat house

4.  You bribe underclassman with a cooked meal for meal swipes…

5.    Take out take out take out take out and more take out

6.    You wonder how four years could have gone by so fast.

7.   You’re friends with all the workers at Dini’s and Zebi’s.

8.  You call it Jazzman’s not Zebi’s or worse yet Zime

9.  You’re taking a 100 level course for the fun of it

10.   You’re procrastinating by reading this article instead of doing your homework


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