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Will May

Name: Will May, but Bill seems to have stuck

Uni year: 3rd Year

Hometown: Ledbury, Herefordshire

Degree: BSc Geography, with plans for a Graduate Diploma in Mining Engineering for a fourth year

Relationship status: Single

Activities involved with on campus: Vice President Rugby Union, Treasurer of the Caledonian Society, Intramural Hockey – Mary Huff Utd, Ski Club. Newly appointed co-CEO at Loose Moose towers.

What did you do this Summer? Interned at Xstrata’s Newlands Coal in Queensland, Australia for 3 months, snapping necks and cashing cheques. God bless the robust Australian dollar!

Qualities you look for in a girl: I don’t have a type in any way. If she has a pretty face, decent rig, is genuinely engaging and fun she probably has a shot at the belt!

Favourite song: Father Abraham.

Favourite/funniest memory from Exeter so far: No real stand out moment but somewhere between EURFC, Ski Trip and Itchy Feet. It’s been top notch to date.

Favourite place in the world: The entire Amory building.

Where you see yourself in 5 years’ time: Working as a Mine Engineer deep underground in a coal mine. Line up ladies!!

Drink of choice: A crisp pint of Snakey, failing the availability of that, Mount Gay and Coke.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words: Loyal, Genuine, Loving-life

How do you keep fit/top tips to get a 6-pack(!): Genetics. I had one when I was 8 yrs old and it decided to stick around despite Walkies best efforts.

Any advice for Freshers this year? Do everything, don’t work too hard this year; it doesn’t count! Don’t settle into your friend group too early – keep meeting people. Meet Leeory Moose! (Also can this be the nomination for Leeroy to be the next Campus Cutie?! He’s quite shy but ask nicely and I’m sure he’ll say a few words!)

Random fact about yourself: I was a member of the North Hereford Pony Club until I was 20 years old. #lovingtheboytogirlratio!!

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