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Wicked Wednesdays

Danger sex at night is one thing; danger sex in secluded areas is another. Danger sex in a crowded location at lunchtime is a whole new kettle of fish. This week’s culprit provides just such a story of oral sex in the uniquely unexpected location of:

Sainsbury’s Car Park

As I have been led to believe, our female offender was brave enough to give her lucky lad a blowjob in the passenger seat of the car. However, fear not readers, she insists the car was safely parked at the time. At least that’s one less legal issue to worry about. The broad daylight and hoards of cars piling in to start their weekly shop was simply not an issue for this week’s daredevil. I cannot imagine the expressions on passer-bys’ faces if they were unlucky enough to catch an eyeful of this particular piece of lunchtime love. I’d guess shock, disgust, offense…interest…jealousy?!

Nonetheless we really cannot fault this girl on her courage (or is it stupidity?) Still, when the mood catches you…

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