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Why You Need A Summer Fling

Flash back to three months ago. Another academic year is over and months of summer are stretching out in front of you. It’s sunny, sweaty and (inevitably) a little sticky, which means only one thing… it’s time for a summer fling. No commitment, expectation or pressure, just pure fun. You may be hesitant, you might ask yourself; “will it all end in tears?”, “is this a really stupid idea?”, “am I deluding myself?”. Well, we here at Her Campus have compiled a list of all the reasons you should abandon any reservations you may have and dive in head first. We’re certain this could be just about the best thing about summer.

1. The beauty of summer is that there is a definitive end date. This is key. You don’t have to worry about where it’s going or, heaven forbid, changing your Facebook status. You know you only have until September, so you both make the most of the time you have and get to do all the “fun” parts of a relationship.

2. A brief affair means that you choose someone a little different to your usual type. We don’t mean totally alternative, no no no, just that they don’t fit into your usual boyfriend-type category. This is great; they’ll have totally different interests to you and do different things, eat different foods… you get the idea. They get you out of your comfort zone and might help you to find some new hobbies of your own.

3. Now, we believe that very few relationships are a total mistake. Or at least if they are, sometimes they are a mistake you have to make to grow as a person. That may sound a little corny but stay with us. When you spend time with someone new over the summer you interact with them and learn how to handle different conflicts. This will definitely help make you ready for a more substantial relationship long term. Think of this person as a test run for the real thing.

4. BONUS: On a lighter note, as we got a little deep and emotional there and this is neither the time nor the place, you have a sure date to places and events! You won’t have countless family members asking how your love-life is at obligatory summer BBQs. No. You have someone that looks the part and your crazy distant aunt doesn't need to know that this Mr. Right person is specifically just Mr. Right-Now.

5. Finally, if you’ve ever had a tough breakup, you know that everyone has had a rebound at some point or other. Who says you can’t enjoy the company of this rebound for a couple of months. So what? It’s only casual for them too. (WARNING: Make sure they know this at the start, we don’t want to cause any tears)

So, the moral of the story is: get out there and meet someone. After all, everyone is hotter in summer in more ways than one, so make the most of your free time and have some fun before the real hard work starts (aka marriage). That's for future you to deal with.

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