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Which Pretty Little Liars Style Are You?

Here at HCX we can’t get enough of Pretty Little Liars. We don’t know if it’s the cute boys, the scandals, the secrets or the inability to trust anyone on the show, but we are undoubtedly hooked. While we wait in agony for the return of our favourite show this winter, we thought we’d fill the void left by Pretty Little Liars by taking a look at something else we love about the show: the clothes. Each of the liars has a wardrobe we would kill for and an impeccable sense of style that seems to know no limits. Although equally all stunning, the girls’ styles are as equally different. Which of the liars do you identify with the most and which girl’s style are you rocking? 




Arguably the most eccentrically dressed of the girls. Aria has a unique sense of style that makes her stand out in any crowd. Aria may be the more studious and quiet of the girls, but her creativity speaks out in her sweeping skirts and bold patterns. With a wardrobe that is bursting with dark prints, leather jackets and cute boots, Aria has an undeniable edge to her fashion choices. We’ve fallen completely in love with. If you have a weakness for chunky jewellery and own a mountainous supply of sassy gorgeous shoes, then you are Aria. Bold, daring and with an eye for the unusual, you grab everyone’s attention with your eye for detail and flawless looks.                                                                                                                          




As the most outspoken and fierce of the liars, Hanna has a striking and strong look that reflects her daring and fearless personality. With bright colours, flirty skirts and adorable accessories, Hanna’s style is girly and fun and makes her a fashion icon we adore. Hanna’s wardrobe is packed with brilliant colours, sparkling jewellery, floaty skirts and chic spectacular heels that have us green with envy. If you have an insatiable need for long sparkling necklaces and heels that make a statement, then you are Hanna. Flirty, fierce and full of girl power, you are everyone’s fashion idol and turn heads wherever you go. 





As the most sporty and laid back of the girls, Emily has an easy, casual style all of her own. She proves that a minimalistic style is the way forward. Emily looks effortlessly chic with her comfy but undeniably stylish outfits that we can’t wait to try out ourselves. A massive advocate for plaid shirts, loose tank tops, simple prints and khaki coloured clothing. Emily seems to rock pretty much every outfit she wears. If you live for your leggings and love nothing more than a plaid shirt with some denim jeans, then you are Emily. Confident, charismatic and chilled, you make everything look good and are the envy of all your friends.                                                                                                          




Probably the most determined and driven of the liars, Spencer’s distinctive style echoes her fiery and can do attitude, giving her a sharp but stylish look. Spencer has a tasteful and elegant look with a combination of the traditional and the modern. With a vast array of preppy skirts, intricate blouses, navy dresses and simple nautical designs, Spencer oozes class and we can’t get enough. If you have an obsession with everything nautical, love wearing your hair in a plait and know how to rock simple black trousers, then you are Spencer. Smart, sophisticated and glamorous you look like you’ve walked right out the pages of vogue and have everyone around you in awe of your infallible style.                                                                                                        





Bethany is a third year english student studying at Exeter University and is the Fashion and Beauty Editor for Exeter's chapter of Her Campus. In between shopping for the latest trends and reading the latest celebrity gossip and fashion news, she enjoys working out and improving on her fitness. Bethany is also a keen photographer, often seen snapping photos of the night sky and friends. She dreams of travelling the world and discovering its couture, food and sites, and ultimately becoming a successful writer.
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