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Which Celebrity Couple Are You?

When you’re scrolling through your favourite online gossip column or flicking through the pages of a glossy magazine, it’s almost impossible to escape the inundation of news about celebrity couples.

Over the last decade, the celebrity couple has become a phenomenon. Certain pairings have now been labelled ‘Power Couples’ and are able to cause media frenzies wherever they go. Some of these couples have millions of fans that follow the ups and downs of their relationship for years!

So have you ever wondered, which celebrity coupling is most like your own? HCX provides the answers…


Jay Z and Beyonce

You’re the coolest couple that everybody knows. You’re both independent and strong willed people with rich and fulfilling lives of your own, but when you come together, you’re an unstoppable force. People are practically knocking down your door begging to be your third wheel. The world looks at you with awe at the sheer effortlessness of your amazing relationship. Although, rumour has it that things might not be as perfect as they seem, cough that elevator incident cough.


Your relationship is like marmite. Some adore you; after all, you’re both such great people, doing so many kind things out of the goodness of your heart just to help make the world a better place … wow. But other people might think you’re a bit smug … a bit arrogant maybe … downright annoying in fact. We get it; you’re trying to make a difference, no need to rub it in the world’s less attractive face. And maybe some of us are just Team Jennifer, OK!?

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz

“You’re together?! You mean you’re a couple? Oh no, no, no, I just didn’t realise … you’re sure you’re a couple?” If you don’t stop hearing these words, then you’re definitely a Benji and Cameron. Your relationship seemingly came out of nowhere and no one really expected it – “I just wouldn’t put you two together” is a phrase that you just love to hear. But so what if you’re a little different. As long as you’re happy in your relationship, then it shouldn’t matter what people think.

Oprah and Gayle

You’re happy to leave your man at home, in fact, you’re happy not to have a man at all! Who needs a man when you’ve got a best friend? Just like Oprah and Gayle, you and your best friend are inseparable and always have each others back. All the fun you could ever need comes from the girl who you’ve saved on your phone as ‘Wifey’. There surely can’t be anyone else in this world you could love more. 


Will and Kate

You and your boyfriend are very similar to Jay Z and Beyonce in that your relationship is envied the world over for its seeming perfection. But … you’re the posh and conservative equivalent. Less New York Madison Square Garden and more Buckingham Palace afternoon tea with Granny a.k.a Her Royal Majesty. While people might not flock to your door and hail you as the coolest couple they know, secretly they’re looking at your matching Barbour jackets and Cath Kidston knitwear with burning jealousy.

Taylor Swift and ?

You might not have found your significant other yet, so like Taylor you’ve been through a few guys. This could be the part where I laugh at Taylor for her ‘promiscuous’ behaviour and her inability to hold down a man. But I will not be one of those people! For goodness sake you’re only young, no one expects you to have found the person you’re going to be with for the rest of your life at this age! So don’t be ashamed and let people put you down, because there’s nothing wrong in what you’re doing. If there’s ever a time to go out, see different people and have fun then this is it!

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Just like Mila and Ashton, you met your other half when you were just an impressionable youth. You had no idea that the boy picking his nose across the playground would one day turn out to be the man of your dreams and the love of your life. Childhood sweethearts, you know your other half better than the palm of your hand and probably have a splotchy print of his somewhere on a tea towel your nursery class made when you were both three.

Kanye and Kim Kardashian

… This is an awkward one, because you’re the couple that everybody hates. A combination of being loud, obnoxious, vain and self-obsessed, most people can’t really stand to be around you. Every conversation has to be dictated by your latest relationship drama and if people haven’t realised how great you are already, you’re determined to let them know the error of their ways. But despite what people might say about you, I guess you guys are happy – so you must be doing something right!


Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

“Awwwww!” This is a sound that follows you everywhere, because you and your boyfriend are Just. Too. Cute. It might be the way that he looks at you, or the way that you hold his hand, but there’s something chemical in your make-up that means people can’t stop looking at you and imagining what your children might look like.

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