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What Type of Relationship Are You In?

Starting in our teenage years and beyond, we engage in many different kinds of relationships- these can be relationships with yourself, a school sweetheart, a summer romance of just a casual fling. As a little bit of fun, HCX thought we would map out some relationship stereotypes. From the ‘first loves’ to ‘friends with benefits’, there are certainly different stages, so where does your relationship fit in the spectrum?

First Love

One of the first relationships that you could find yourself in is with your first love. You might have met him when you were 14 at a social or perhaps on a night out during sixth-form. It probably started off slow and was more of a friendly affair before progressing into fully-fledged love. After a few classic school parties and date nights, everyone knows there’s a first time for everything…This is the love you will never forget and often hard to let go off.

Better to Be With than Without

Something that I feel strongly about is privacy within relationships which is often hard to achieve, particularly in close quarters at university. The underlying pressure of everyone, knowing everything about your love life can result in better to be with than without kind of situation. Amongst groups of friends, there are always those couples that it could be said are together due to circumstance. That is not to say there is not an intimate bond, but perhaps they are not the perfect match. Similarly, there are also those serial daters who bounce from one relationship to the next, simply to resist the feeling that comes from being lonely. To read more about this click here.

The Ones that Love to Hate

Whatever age you are there will always be couples who are the love-hate type. These are the couples who thrive on fights and petty disagreements with nights out usually including a tense taxi ride home. But, despite this there is that inevitable chemistry that means the making up is always more worthwhile than the fighting. As a warning, this isn’t always the best recipe for the long run but for the present you can never predict what’s round the corner.W


The Perfect Couple: The Ones WE Love to Hate

As a total opposite of the above relationship, there are also those couples who appear overwhelmed with happiness. The perfect couple never have a disagreement and share an united front in all things, be it holiday choices or career paths. You cannot help but feel jealousy of couples such as this but at the same time you admire them and agree that they are lucky and frankly right for each other.


Here at university, in a sex and relationships article you can’t help but indulge in the rather more unconventional relationships that you may be part of. The friends with benefits status is one that you have to be bold to admit to and to be one half of. It’s fun, full of passion and between mates. Just be careful that you are both always on the same page with what you mean to each other before it gets to complicated. The appeal of this is that it is simply casual.

Single Pringle

In the end, perhaps the simplest relationship that any of us could enter into is that of being single. It is a cliché to say, but having a relationship with yourself is no bad thing. We girls should be proud of what we have and feel that if there isn’t the right relationship for us at that time, that’s not a permanent thing and launch into some fun of our own.

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