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What Guys Really Think: The Make-Up Edition

The Lowdown: What Guys Really Think About Girls Makeup

Spring has sprung and fashion magazines are laden with the hottest trends in makeup, hair and fashion. You may love that bright orange lip, but what do guys have to say about the latest makeup looks? We’ve sourced (bribed) three average Joe’s and asked them their opinions on spring’s hottest faces.

  • The Orange Lip


From blood orange to tangerine, the bold orange lip is all over the catwalk this spring. Paired with barely there face makeup, it’s the perfect addition to jazz up any outfit…but what do our men think?

Joe 1: “I think it depends on what you’re wearing it with. If it’s a t-shirt and jeans then it’s too much…I think it’s more of a high fashion look. If in doubt stick to red”.

Joe 2: “Too bold”.

Joe 3: “It can look striking…but only if your lips aren’t too big”.

  • Au Naturel

One of spring’s biggest trends is barely there makeup, perfect for avoiding those warm-weather makeup meltdowns. A touch of blush, a lick of mascara and a dash of lip-gloss and you’re ready to go, it’s time saving at its best, but what do our boys think?

Joe 1: “I think the slight touches of makeup really emphasise natural beauty. This one’s my favourite”.

Joe 2: “Perfect”.

Joe 3: “Really hot. She still looks pretty but like she hasn’t made too much of an effort…like she doesn’t care too much what other people think”.

  • Heavy Eye Make-Up

Inky eye makeup is all the rage on the catwalks right now. Sleek and mysterious it’s the perfect way to polish any outfit…do the boys agree?

Joe 1: “That’s cool I like that. It enhances the eyes and brings out the sharpness. It’s all misty and hazy”.

Joe 2: “That’s hot”.

Joe 3: “Wait let me cover her hair…that’s hot. Her eyes stand out and look really seductive”.

So I guess the verdict on this one is “that’s hot”…minus the hair.

  • Aquatic Eyes

A throw back to the eighties, blue eye shadow is hot right now in bright, bold colours of cobalt and royal blue. What have the guys got to say?

Joe 1: “It’s too vibrant…I think pastels are better”.

Joe 2: “No! I hate it, eye shadow like that should be banned”.

Joe 3: “I think it depends on the occasion and the time of day. Its ok but most girls get it wrong. It depends on skin colour too”.

  • Schoolboy Eyebrows

Thanks to the likes of Cara Delevingne, big, bold brows are back in trend this spring. This may be a look we’re leaving to the models, what do our Joe’s think?

Joe 1: “How can you walk around when you’ve got the constant fear of caterpillars crawling down and eating your eyes?”

Joe 2: Nope. I prefer eyebrows to be more feminine”.

Joe 3: “Slugs!”

  • Golden Glow


Soft shades of tan, gold and bronze are back on our makeup radar for SS/14. This look is always on trend and goes perfectly with some vitamin D but do the boys think it’s hot or not?

Joe 1: “I prefer the no makeup look to this…I think it’s too much unnecessary makeup”.

Joe 2: “It’s pretty! I like it”.

Joe 3: “It’s nice and I think all girls can pull it off as long as they choose the right colour for their skin”.

And so the Joes’ verdict is in, barely there makeup is hot, blue eye shadow and big eyebrows are definitely not (but we still love it!). What looks will you be rocking for spring?

Photo Credits: weheartit.com,harpersbazaar.com, glamourmagazine.co.uk, glamour.com, bellasugar.com


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