We're in Love with...The Her Campus Back to School Survival Kit

So everyone loves getting a good ol' care package from their mum, but at HCX we were also lucky enough to receive our own care package straight from HC Nationals in Boston! Not only were my housemates jealous when I received a huge box from the postman this afternoon, but I’m fairly sure they were also pretty jealous when they realised how much free swag I’d just received!

I’m in love with the Poppin stationery supplies we were sent: they’re so cute, and the HCX team members will definitely be looking a little more stylish in the library. Well, you have to have something to cheer yourself up when you’re looking at a long stint in the library, right? Not only did we get sent some great purple notebooks but we also received a whole bunch of gel pens. My inner 5 year old had been missing gel pens, so I’m pretty excited to start using them and giving them out to the rest of the team.

Not only did Poppin send us some stationery, but we also got some Her Campus pens too: and I tell you, these are like goldust over in the UK. So the next time you're procrastinating in the library and see a girl with a pink Her Campus pen, you'll be sure she's an HCX member!

A HUGE thank you to Her Campus nationals and to their partners for sending us such great things! As if you needed another reason to be a member of HCX , right? Well on top of all the discounts and freebies we get from local brands, we also get sent amazing care packages from nationals that will make all your housemates jealous!

If you want to be part of Her Campus Exeter next term be sure to watch our Facebook and Twitter as well as the site for more information on how to join us! Who knows, maybe you could be receiving something exciting as a team member next term. And if you’re lucky enough to be a member of the current team, be sure to be at our next meeting where I’ll be handing out all these exciting things!

Be sure to check out Windsor's video of her unpacking the box to see just how great this care package is.