This Week's Top 4 News Stories

Obama’s farewell speech

Earlier this week outgoing President Barack Obama gave his heartfelt farewell speech in his hometown of Chicago, during which he called on all Americans to defend their democracy, as well as warning against racism, anti-immigration and anti-Muslim sentiment upon his departure. He also paid an emotional tribute to his wife and children. Trump’s inauguration is to be held on the 20th January, when he will officially become President of the United States.

Hillsborough suspects identified

The Hillsborough disaster of 1989 saw the unlawful deaths of 96 innocent civilians. 23 suspects have been identified and accused of involvement, and their files have been passed to the Crown Prosecution Service. It is currently being decided whether criminal charges will be brought against the unnamed 23. The official identification of these individuals has been a long time coming, and family and friends of the victims hope that justice can finally be served.

Stolen new born found after 18 years

Kimberly Mobley has been found and identified 18 years after being abducted from hospital as a new born baby. Her abductor, Gloria Williams, posed as a nurse and told Mobley’s mother that she needed to “be checked” – she left the room with the baby and never returned. 18 years later, a tip in the form of a photo of Williams and the victim led the police to William’s door who was arrested on Friday morning.

Golden Globes

The Golden Globes on January 8th was not only a celebration of stars, TV and cinema, but also proved to be a useful platform for political expression. The winners for television included The Crown, Atlanta, The People v. O.J Simpson, as well as Claire Foy, Tracee, Ellis Ross, Sarah Paulson and Olivia Coleman taking Best Actresses, whilst Billy bob Thornton, Donald Glover Tom Hiddleston, and Hugh Laurie took Best Actors. In Film, La La Land took a total of 7 awards (including one each for Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling), with winners elsewhere coming from Zootopia  and France. The award ceremony gathered particular media attention following Meryl Streep’s speech, in which she heavily criticised Donald Trump for mocking a disabled reporter, as well as stating “we need the principled press to hold power to account.” Hugh Laurie as well made a particular impact when he called it the “last-ever golden globes” due to the stigma behind words such as “Hollywood,” “Foreign”, and “Press”.