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Travel Diary – GeogSoc Invade Dublin

On the 30th January GeogSoc braved the Irish Sea and invaded Ireland’s capital and largest city. HCX spoke to GeogSoc’s Rebecca Osmaston to get an insight:

During the last weekend of January, GeogSoc committee took 40 students to Dublin. We departed Exeter on Friday at 5am and coached 20 hours to Dublin, including a few hours on the ferry to stretch our legs, play cards against humanity and enjoy the ferry cinema

We arrived in Dublin on Friday evening and after a quick turn-around at our hostel
we headed straight down for pres in an old church connected to the hostel. Next it was on to a surprise party bus that took us to a club in town, where we danced around in disco lights, singing at the top of our voices!



Early starts were made to make the most of our time, with lots of walking studded with cafe stops during the day! Sight-seeing included admiring Trinity College, the Castle and main O’Connell Street. Then fun was had in the wax museum! On Saturday night we went on a bar crawl through the Temple Bar area where we started
a flash mob dancing on the street to some buskers!  Sunday evening came around too quickly when it was time to return to Exeter, arriving back at 6am for a full day of lectures for some troopers before catching up on some sleep.





Leprechaun Museum: a guide, with a divine Irish accent, took us on a tour through the interactive rooms of a Leprechaun world where we clambered our way onto giant furniture and through rainbows and turning tunnels!


KC Peaches Café: fill a salad box, pile a plate high and the most amazing bakery all in one! Many hours were spent resting sore
feet there!



The Guinness Factory: Dublin’s most popular attraction can’t be missed! We worked our way through the exhibits up to the sky bar for our pint of Guinness and view over the city as the sun set! Everyone took note of the ‘Guinness is good for you’ early advertising posters (though few of the girls actually liked it!)



Trip cost = £125 including transport, accommodation and breakfast.

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Deputy Travel Editor 2015-2016 A third year geographer with constant wanderlust.
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