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TOWN Vs GOWN: A Female Take on the Football Frenzy

For many of us girls, it has become nigh on impossible to escape the world of football; it is literally everywhere. Whether it’s the football jocks bashing into us at Timepiece on a Wednesday or the constant cheers from the stadium on a Saturday, it is getting harder and harder for us to ignore. So how did you think we felt when all of a sudden the Football Varsity was thrust upon us in the form of copious flyers and over eager ticket sellers?

After asking around, I was genuinely quite surprised to hear that the majority of girls possessed a very optimistic view of the annual match, with most of them, in fact, really looking forward to it. With this in mind, I began to ponder, what aspects of the Varsity actually appeals to those belonging to the fairer sex?

The Players

Well for starters, it would be impossible to ignore the players on the pitch. As they were presented to us in a line at the beginning of the match, it was almost as if they were being called to inspection, giving us the chance to fully assess the potential ‘talent’. They did not disappoint, with many of them certainly catching the eyes of my fellow peers with their fit physiques and cheeky grins.

The Team Spirit

Equally as exciting was the fact that many of us were there to support friends who’d been called up to represent the university; how proud we were of them as they showed us their dexterity. I don’t know about you but as I heard the chant “Oh Exeter is wonderful” for the fourth time in the space of about 15 minutes, the ridiculously strong sense of camaraderie was impossible to ignore.

The Entertainment

Another thrilling aspect of the match was the entertainment that graced our presence, invited or not in some cases. Firstly, we were fortunate enough to have performances from Hannah Berney and the cheerleading squad, both of which were highly enjoyed by all, with the cheerleaders crafting shapes with their bodies that I couldn’t even dream of creating. Then came the streakers… Everyone knew it would happen, it is only inevitable when you combine inebriated students with a large open space surrounded by thousands of people. You would be lying if you denied enjoying the attempts of the marshals to capture the bare-bottomed lunatics.

The Change of Scene

Even if the attractive boys, the sense of solidarity and the nakedness didn’t take your fancy, at least it was something different. It can sometimes be a bit tiresome sticking to the same routine of Cheesy Tuesdays, Timepiece Wednesday and Thursday Mozzers so when the opportunity strikes to have a few (or more) drinks with your friends whilst watching boys kick a ball around, why not face it with the utmost enthusiasm?

With the attendance reaching an all time high this year with over 3900 students crowding into St James Park stadium to enjoy the animated atmosphere, perhaps this is the turning point for girls and football. Who knows, maybe we’ll all start walking around campus supporting our favourite football club’s top; we’ll just have to wait and see if the football spirit lingers in the air long enough for us to become hooked.

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