Top Travel Destinations for a Haunting Halloween Holiday

Autumn. Filled with golden leaves, crisp mornings, and pumpkin-spice lattes, the season brings with it the glorious holiday of Halloween.

To celebrate our favourite spooky event, HCX have sought out the top three global destinations for a haunting Halloween.


Dating back to an ancient Aztec festival, Día de Muertos is a Mexican festival for honouring the deceased. Expect vigils, parties and parades, celebrated with friends and family. Worldwide, it has become synonymous with explosions of colour, amazing fancy dress and the famous sugar skulls. The southern region is the best place for the public celebrations, such as Aguascalientes where the Festival of Skulls is celebrated annually. Tourists can enter Mexico without a visa making it a fuss-free place to travel.


Tacky, extravagant and over-commercialised, Halloween is many American’s favourite holiday. Expect trick-or-treating, horror films, pumpkin carving and family celebrations. In the ‘Witch City’ of Salem, Massachusetts, the Salem Haunted Happenings Festival has evolved into a month-long spooky spectacular for all the family. In New Orleans, widely considered America’s most haunted city, you can visit the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum and then party at the annual Voodoo Music + Arts Experience Festival. Just don’t forget to get your ESTA when flying into the USA!

Transylvania, Romania

This historical region, located in central Romania, is renowned worldwide as the birthplace of Count Dracula in Bram Stoker’s novel. You can visit “Dracula’s Castle” itself, formally known as Bran Castle. Beyond the myths and superstitions, Transylvania is described as ‘the last truly medieval landscape in Europe’, with untouched forests and villages frozen in time. Just take care in big cities; there is a large risk of petty theft and organised attacks in Romania.

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