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Top Tips For Body Confidence

This week HCX is campaigning for body positivity- an important cause that every girl should remember, especially within relationships.

The people we spend our time with, romantically or non-romantically can cause us great amounts of pleasure, making us feel gorgeous inside and out, however we might view ourselves. However, there are times where an off-hand comment or side glance from them, often unintended to offend or hurt, can make us feel less than adequate. So, now it’s time to make it known that you can love your body and make other people feel good about their own, inside and out. What other people think will matter less and less! So here are our top tips for how you can embrace and love your body…

1. Take some ‘me’ time

We often forget to take care of ourselves, getting hung up on how other people think of us or caring about how others might feel when we’re with them. To kick-start your own love for your body, take some ‘me’ time. Do something that makes you happy, by yourself: whether that may be doing some exercise, watching a great movie, reading a happy book, calling home or even just taking a walk. Not only will this make you feel happier being alone, in your own skin, but it will give you and your partner or friends some space to do the same. We don’t always need to be pleasing everyone else.

2. Social media detox

Social media is one of the biggest factors in promoting young girls’ body shame. Often, Instagram models or famous celebrities will post pictures of themselves that will make you think… “Why can’t I look like that, or be like that?” The answer is, no-one looks like that. Not even the people in the photos. Often these photos are edited or taken in poses which emphasise a model’s shape or figure in a way that it wouldn’t naturally.  So maybe, this week, we could take a break from social media. It can be a toxic presence in our lives. Whoever you are with, boyfriend, girlfriend or even just friends should love us no matter what we look like.

3. Compliment yourself and those around you

It may sound strange, but compliments or affirmations are scientifically proven to boost levels of oxytocin in the blood, even if you’re not the one receiving them. Loosely translated: our body is made to feel more relaxed, content and generally good about itself. So, if you think your boyfriend looks great in his shirt- tell him! Or if you reckon your friend has made your life infinitely better- speak out! Now is the time, no matter how cringe, to make those who you have great relationships with feel awesome about themselves. And we promise, it will make you feel great too.

4. Get involved in body positivity

The best way to realise what is great about you and everyone else around you is through joining up with other people that feel the same. This week and throughout the year there are campaigns going on all over Exeter’s campus for body positivity. Read all about our recent Campus Cutie, Harrriet Iles, and her involvement with body positivity campaign, Embrace. Feeling good about ourselves and the way we are is far more important than anything others have to say about us, and we’re hoping we can get that across here at HCX.

Loving your body is vital: relationship or no relationship!














So… Your flatmate or partner just gave you a bit of a look up and down and you feel awful in your outfit? Turn around and tell yourself, why should it matter what others think? We must learn to love ourselves rather than putting someone else first!



We hope you have a great Body Positivity week, from all of us here at Her Campus.




Third year English student and aspiring journalist! My talents include; successfully quoting almost any Friends episode; getting excited about Christmas in October, (every year without fail), and owning one too many Bobbi Brown lipsticks. I mean, is there such a thing as too many?!
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