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No matter how much you might love the snow, the songs and the lit-up streets in this exciting run up to Christmas time, there are some nights around November where it’s just so cold, rainy and sludgy that even thinking about trekking into town gives you the shivers. On those gloomy evenings, there’s only one thing to do – put your feet up, make yourself a hot drink and put on a seasonal feel-good movie. Here are some of the best:

1.The Holiday

When two very different women (the highly-strung businesswoman played by Cameron Diaz and British country girl Kate Winslet) swap lives for Christmas, they find their previous stresses replaced by romance, laughter and new opportunities. This movie is an instant pick-me-up, making it easily into the top 8 with its stunning settings and an ending which will leave you feeling cheerful all night.


2.Bridget Jones’ Diary

Universally adored for the awkward yet charming and relatable nature of its leading lady, Bridget Jones’ Diary is a hilarious account of one thirty-something year old’s struggle to settle down in a good relationship. This modern spin-off of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ gets the balance between humour and romance totally right, and is a must-see for every single girl dreaming of finding her Mr Darcy.


3.Love Actually

This charming Christmas-themed flick follows the lives of nine very different London couples and their loosely interlinked stories of love. With its combination of a star-studded cast and the heartwarming message that “love, actually, is all around us”, this film is undeniably a Winter date-night classic.


4.About Time

Although it isn’t overly Christmassy, this beautifully filmed movie will leave you with the warm and fuzzy feeling generally associated with this time of year. Putting a time-travelling twist on the classic boy-meets-girl love story, this “celebration of life and love” comes across as deeply genuine and will leave you with a new appreciation for all the little things in life.


5.Little Women

If you like a more traditional take on the holiday season, you are guaranteed to love ‘Little Women’. Watching the March family girls grow up, learn about life, loss and love – it’s impossible not to get attached to this movie; a homely Christmas classic perfect for watching with your family – or just by yourself.


6.Notting Hill

What happens when you take a simple New York bookseller and make him fall for the most famous and beautiful celebrity of his time? In this case, you get an inspiring love story with a few tearjerking moments and just the right amount of wit. ‘Notting Hill’ is really an ideal watch for any season.


The most Christmassy film on this list, ‘Elf’ is a hilarious and heartwarming holiday classic. The tone is delightfully festive and Will Ferrell is at his very best. What’s more, although a romance between a bumbling elf-raised human named Buddy and Zooey Deschanel’s beautiful yet aloof character Jovie seems unlikely, ‘Elf’ pulls it off in the most endearing way possible. 



Nothing says Winter like snow, and there’s a lot of it in this movie. There’s also an incredible soundtrack, an adorable talking snowman and a powerful story of friendship, sisterhood and perseverance. Pixar has done it again, as this latest blockbuster matches the likes of ‘Up’, ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ in terms of charm and warmth.

Esther is in her second year at the University of Exeter studying English Literature with Proficiency in Spanish. She is currently the Marketing Director for Her Campus Exeter and enjoys dancing, travelling, baking and exploring Exeter with her friends.
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