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Top 5 Ways to Save Money This Year

So you know all those incredible summer travelling plans you have for summer 2014? That gorgeous coat you want from Zara? Try these tips for saving your pennies this year so you can have the summer of your life or the wardrobe of your dreams…

1. Food shopping 

The Co-Op on Pennsylvania Road is dangerously placed so as to lure us in everytime we walk past it, and spend all our spare change on snacks or unneccessary consumables. Set aside a budget for yourself to spend on food a week, and tell yourself That is it for the week, no more buying food. If you let yourself do lots of little shops thorughout the week, you’ll no doubt end up spending more each week on food, as well as having less control over what is coming out of your purse as you buy a chocolate bar here, a bag of crisps there… It’s so easy to say and everyone no doubt has these intentions anyway, but make it work for you this year by being strict with yourself. Once you realise how much money you’re actually saving each week, it’ll motivate you to keep going, and plan meals in advance and manage your food much more economically. You’ll probably end up eating less rubbish too!

2. Clothes 

This is a big one for me. I was unpacking my suitcase when coming back to Exeter after Christmas and could not fit everything into my wardrobe and drawers in my Uni room. It’s official that I have too many jumpers, and so went through everything in my room and filled the suitcase back up with things I knew I wouldn’t wear everyday (I’m too much of a hoarder to throw things away just yet… You never know when you may need them!) and shoved the suitcase above my wardrobe – Out of sight, out of mind, right? Then I made a pile of clothes that I thought my housemate may enjoy wearing as well as me – clever way of finding extra storage space for my clothes (her room..) and also means the clothes will get more wear out of them. Moral of the story – Do not buy anymore clothes. I went into Zara the other day and had a fit at the SALE in there, but having just rifled through all my clothes thought to myself, I really don’t need any of these. Who am I becoming? I don’t know but I don’t care, as I probably saved a fortune walking out empty handed! When you’re in need of some retail therapy, if you’re really trying to save money, empty your wardrobe and drawers onto your bed and I’m sure a wealth of fresh and original outfit combinations you’ve never tried before will flood into your brain, and there’ll be no need for emptying your bank balance in town. 

3. Travel

With train ticket prices forever increasing, there’s never been more stronger reason than to try and plan any of your trips home or to see friends well in advance. It’s also amazing how much cheaper you can find long journey’s when you book 2 journey’s… For example, my best friend in Nottingham books her tickets home to the South Coast in 2 journey’s, one from Nottingham to London, and then another from London to Chichester and she said it always works out as so much cheaper than buying a ticket from Nottingham to Chichester. Also, if you don’t mind coaches and really want to save money if, for example, you’re going up to Leeds or Sheffield (really reeeeally far North that will cost an absolute fortune on a train) why not try the Megabus? A friend of mine at Leeds got the megabus up there after Christmas at home for £5!! I need not say any more! 

4. Coffee

This is a personal goal of mine which I thought I would share with Her Campus readers in case you are as guilty as I am in terms of Costa consumption. The Forum is a dangerous place! Last term/year I spent far too much of my time buying and drinking and sitting in Costa than is remotely acceptable so this is a big one for me, which I’m convinced will save me a fortune. I sometimes just work at home just to avoid getting bored working in the library and mooching around Costa and the Marketplace, spending more on a coffee than I would on a drink in a club… Ridiculous. So I’m not only going to try and reduce my caffeine intake, but also take a flask to campus for when my caffeine cravings kick in. I recommend any of you with the same problem do the same! 

5. Alcohol

Even though everywhere in Exeter is so close, I still feel the need to take my card out with me whenever I go out “just in case”. Just in case what? Just in case I need another drink? This is the only reason (at the time I sometimes consider it an emergency) I’ve ever needed to use my card in a club, not because of any other pressing reason. So although I have my cash in my purse, a set amount I’ve let myself spend that night, I’ll always get my card out towards the end of the night, whether it be for a drink for myself or a round for my friends (which I always hugely regret in the morning… sorry girls). Moral of the story – Do not take your card out with you, you don’t need it/ This is one of the only good things that TimePiece does to me – stops me buying more drinks (unless I’m really desperate and go outside to the card machine, which wouldnt happen if I didn’t have my card on me!) So another way to save money girls, find someone else with a card on them at the bar, and bat your eyelids…. 

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Georgia is in her third year at Exeter studying English and French Law. Last year she headed the Culture team as Local Culture editor, informing all of our lovely readers about the best events and places to explore in this beautiful city. She may have taken off her cultural clogs, but she is still heavily involved in Her Campus Exeter, leading the team as joint President with Florence Christie this year.When she isn’t slaving away at French law, or updating her Tumblr of pretty pictures stolen from other more committed bloggers, she can be spotted in the Forum sipping a hazlenut laté, whilst feeling guilty for said indulgence and Instagramming pictures of Costa cups. When day turns to night, Monday Arena is generally a favourite haunt or when she is feeling particularly edgy you may find her by the quayside at Cellar Door embracing her inner Cara Delvigne- thougbts of Costa on her mind! Although she never says no to a night in with her girls, watching chick flicks- preferably involving Ed Westwick.At the end of this year,  Georgia will continue to pursue her career as a lawyer, saying goodbye to rainy Britain and Bonjour to très chic France, where she will be completing the final year of her degree. Continuing to follow her mantra of work hard play hard, I wouldn’t be surprised if in in no time this girl could give Legally Blonde Elle Brooks a run for her money.
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