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Top 5 News Stories of the Week

Yemen Suicide Bomb

At least 40 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in Yemen’s capital. The group were all civilians, including children, who had gathered for a demonstration on the 9th October. Later that day, another suicide bomb killed 20 soldiers at a checkpoint. The attacks were triggered by a deepening political crisis due to the rebel takeover of Sanaa last month.

MH17 Revelation

Following the tragic incident on 17th July, it has been revealed that one of the 298 passengers on board the flight MH17 was found to be wearing a gas mask. This news could indicate that not all passengers died immediately after a missile hit the plane during the flight, which had been the accepted theory up until now. Rebel leaders continue to deny involvement.


Australian Woman Survives 17 Days in Bush

Shannon Leah Fraser, age 30, was found by Queensland Police after surviving for 17 days in the bush in Northern Queensland. Having visited a swimming spot with her partner and another friend, she got separated, resulting in her going for 17 days without food. She is currently being treated in hospital for infected cuts and severe sunburn.


E-cigarette Adverts

 In UK news, E-cigarette adverts will be allowed from the 10th November on British TV. Although advertising tobacco is banned in the UK, regulators have confirmed that a year trial of these adverts will be allowed under conditions that they are not portrayed positively or target under-18s.


China Ban Drug Stars

China have clamped down on TV stars immoral behaviour, banning them from media if they have a history of drug use or have visited prostitutes. Perhaps the most famous is Jaycee Chan, son of Jackie Chan, who has been banned from TV due to his drug use. Chinese government are attempting to set a good example for youth.

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