Top 5 News Stories of the Week

1) Protests Continue in Hong Kong

Protests in Hong Kong were sparked by China’s verdict that while Hong Kong would be allowed to elect its own chief executive in 2017, a nominating committee would chose the two to three candidates. Tens of thousands of protestors in Hong Kong are demanding the right to completely free leadership elections. Hong Kong’s unique position, as a territory of Communist China that is simultaneously a global and connected city has long been a cause of unrest.

2) First RAF Attacks on Islamic State in Iraq

The first attacks since parliament voted in favour of British air strikes were carried out last week. Targets included a ‘heavy weapon position’, an armed pick-up truck and insurgent vehicles. The mission was to aid Kurdish troops in retaking an important border crossing at Rabia and means that the UK is now one of 40 nations targeting Islamic State.

3) Conservatives Want to Take Back Power from Europe

Cameron has said he plans to cut ties with the European Court of Human Rights if the Conservatives are re-elected as well as to scrap the Human Rights Act of 1998. The aim is to establish a new British Bill of Rights that would prevent criminals and terrorists using human rights laws to stay in the UK, prisoners demanding the vote and travellers occupying land illegally.

4) Kim Jong-un Could be Losing Power

Although their strict and secretive regime means information is difficult to verify, there have been reports that the North Korean capital of Pyongyang has gone into lockdown. Alongside this a former member of President Kim Jong-Il’s propaganda division has claimed that Kim Jong-un is losing control of the country.

5) First Case of Ebola in the US

The deadliest spread of Ebola in history is still in effect throughout western Africa and on 1 October an unnamed patient in the US was diagnosed with the disease after travelling from Liberia. The current epidemic has been declared an international public health emergency.

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