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Top 5 News Stories Of The Week

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies

On February 2nd, the actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, was found dead in his Manhattan home. His current cause of death is yet undetermined, but it is widely thought to be a drug overdose, with over 50 bags of heroin being found in the actors home. The actor was famous for his roles in the Hunger Games series, The Master, The Talented Mr Ripley and his Oscar-winning role in Capote. His death has been widely mourned by the acting community with former co-star Matt Damon describing him as ‘a beautiful person … one of the best’.

Justin Bieber in Trouble!

19-year-old pop-star Justin Bieber has found himself in trouble with the police in recent weeks for a whole list of misdemeanours. Shortly after having his house raided for egging a neighbours home, Bieber was arrested on January 23rd for driving under the influence and resisting arrest. Following this, Bieber was charged with assaulting a limousine driver although he has since settled this matter out of court. Are these recent antics a cry for help or has Bieber gone too far this time?

Sochi Olympics Hotel Scandal

With the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics fast approaching, journalists have moved into the hotels that will be their homes for the next few weeks. Only they’re not quite so homely … Journalists have been uploading images of their hotel room highlighting their unfinished state and poor quality. However, the International Olympic Committee has said that 97% of the rooms are without issues.

Dawlish in Danger!

Families along the southwest coast of Britain have been evacuated from their homes as a savage storm has devastated both Devon and Cornwall. The train link that runs through Dawlish connecting the two counties has given way under extreme pressure from the battering sea. The government has pledged millions of pounds in order to repair the damages done to the region.

William Roache Cleared Of Charges

The veteran Coronation Street actor William Roache, 81, has been found not guilty of conducting two rapes and four counts of indecent assault at Preston Crown Court. Roache who has always protested his innocence amongst support from his family and co-workers said: “in these situations there are no winners”. It is unknown whether Roache will return to his role as Ken Barlow in the long running ITV soap opera.

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