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Top 10 Procrastination Techniques

  1. Facebook

We’re all guilty of it. It has to be the number 1 procrastination technique for most students; refreshing News Feed to check that something hasn’t been posted that will change your life forever. Or the wait for the club photo albums – anticipation for nothing else comes close to waiting for those dreaded drunk photos!

  1. Twitter

Similar to Facebook, but just that small percentage less of us have this social networking site. Advantages of it compared to Facebook? You can actually follow celebrities or quasi-celebs that tweet much more interesting things/facts than most of the stuff on my News Feed… Elisabeth Windsor and Jon Pigeon are personal favourites, and see HCX’s article on top people to follow on twitter here  (http://www.hercampus.com/schoo…)

  1. Tumblr

Now those bloggers of you out there will know how ridiculously addictive this is. I can quite literally scroll through all the beautiful pictures from all the blogs I follow for hours. If you don’t like looking at pretty pictures then move on now.

  1. Cooking

Who doesn’t love a bit of baking to avoid the books? Any excuse: housemate coming home; those eggs really need to be used today; haven’t got any pudding for dinner tonight… I’m sure somewhere there’s an study that’s proven that baking of some kind helps to de-stress you, calm you down, and release endorphins…. which are definitely useful for later revision…

  1. Tidying

You may laugh, and I may be alone here, but there’s nothing better than coming home to your room as a tip with clothes and pieces of work everywhere, and rolling up your sleeves and clearing it all up. If you’re really bored and in need of something to distract you from the worst revision topic in the world, why not get Henry the hoover involved, change your sheets, blast some music to make sure everyone else in your house is being as unproductive as you are, and sort out your wardrobe… If only there was a degree in housekeeping.

  1. Coffee dates

I’m particularly guilty of this one… Costa is my second home and is a great alternative to the library. I like to think it’s productive in ways other than learning, as exchanging last night’s news with friends is definitely as important as work.

  1. (Online) shopping

Let’s spend more money we don’t have on clothes from the ‘comfort’ of the library! Genius. You’re even investing happiness in the day that comes 3 days from now when the postman comes with the beloved package of new attire. Think of it as a way to look forward to going to the library instead of dread it, as you need somewhere for people to see your new clothes!

  1. Exercise

This the only legitimate form of procrastination on this list, apologies. But if you’re not working but doing some sort of exercise instead, then you just became a star student. Round of applause for you, just don’t come home and eat all the cakes you’ve been baking!

  1. Sleeping

On a serious note, a tired brain is a useless one. Everyone is groggy, moody and unproductive when they’re tired, so if you find yourself at the library after 6pm on more than a couple of days a week and your eyelids are drooping in your midday lectures, go home and get a good nights sleep. It’ll make you more productive and feeling more alive for the rest of the week.

  1. HCX

Last but by all means definitely not least, HerCampusExeter! The irony is you’re procrastinating right now by reading this, and we want all of our articles to be at the click of a button whenever you’re bored mid essay or lecture. If you particularly enjoy an article, do us a favour and post it to friends on Facebook, link up all the procrastination techniques and maybe we’ll be able to stay in University forever…


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Georgia is in her third year at Exeter studying English and French Law. Last year she headed the Culture team as Local Culture editor, informing all of our lovely readers about the best events and places to explore in this beautiful city. She may have taken off her cultural clogs, but she is still heavily involved in Her Campus Exeter, leading the team as joint President with Florence Christie this year.When she isn’t slaving away at French law, or updating her Tumblr of pretty pictures stolen from other more committed bloggers, she can be spotted in the Forum sipping a hazlenut laté, whilst feeling guilty for said indulgence and Instagramming pictures of Costa cups. When day turns to night, Monday Arena is generally a favourite haunt or when she is feeling particularly edgy you may find her by the quayside at Cellar Door embracing her inner Cara Delvigne- thougbts of Costa on her mind! Although she never says no to a night in with her girls, watching chick flicks- preferably involving Ed Westwick.At the end of this year,  Georgia will continue to pursue her career as a lawyer, saying goodbye to rainy Britain and Bonjour to très chic France, where she will be completing the final year of her degree. Continuing to follow her mantra of work hard play hard, I wouldn’t be surprised if in in no time this girl could give Legally Blonde Elle Brooks a run for her money.
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