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The Five Best Places to Eat in Exeter This Summer

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After spending last summer in Exeter I feel like it’s time to share the best places to eat here in the summer (in my opinion), so sit back, relax and start planning when to eat out with friends, SOs and housemates! The city is filled with so many places in town and by the quay so grab your friends and make your way through this list. And don’t forget to check if places accept student discount to save some money this summer.

The Old Firehouse

An Exeter student classic, but also a fabulous place to eat in the summer. If you’re lucky you might find a place outside in the courtyard which is cool in the summer because it tends to be in the shade. The perfect place to sip a nice rosé and chat about everything under the sunny skies with your bestie. If it’s busy (as it usually is) head inside to one of the three floors and grab a table. The pizza’s are great to share with a friend or SO so pick your fave and get munching. I would recommend the Greek one. The Old Firehouse also has a great selection of cider if that floats your boat – I am personally a mango fan. The Old Firehouse is the one for those immaculate summer vibes.

Eat on the Green

This is one of my favourite places to eat in Exeter. The service is always incredible and everyone is so lovely. It also helps that the food is delicious! Go for breakfast or lunch, their menu won’t disappoint…. and it has lots of gluten free and veggie options! Situated right outside the Cathedral, the views are stunning with tables on the cobbles so you can overlook the beautiful greenery and gothic architecture of the Cathedral. If you’re going to get a boujiee drink, I would recommend any of their smoothies (I like the strawberry one best) or their passionfruit iced tea. Delicious! I think their brunch is really delicious, and great value for money. Would recommend for a morning brunch date with the girls, or that cute guy from your course that you’ve been wanting to hang out with all year…

The Ivy

It’s safe to say that the Ivy is not somewhere we can just pop down to anytime as students, but if you have a special occassion coming up it is the perfect place to go. Their carefully curated menu is designed to give the best taste sensations to their customers and it really is sensational. If you can, why not try the set menu where you get a main and either a starter or pudding for £17.95 (not including drinks). This set menu is available Monday – Wednesday (11.30am – close) and Thursday – Friday (11.30am – 6.30pm) and changes every few weeks with the seasonal ingredients available. The Ivy serves breakfast and brunch in addition to lunch and dinner, making it the perfect place to celebrate at any time of day. It’s also a great place to keep in mind if you’re graduating next year… apparently it has already booked out for this year! The Ivy is incredibly special as restaurants go, matched in their service, decor and menu.

The Tiny Tasting Room

If you’re looking for great coffee, smoothies or little cakes, the Tiny Tasting Room is the place for you. This tiny (I mean it is in the name) cafe is situated down Martins Lane, just off the high street as you head towards the Cathedral. I have tried their strawberry and banana smoothie and a coffee, and every time it has been delicious! I like to go here with friends before sitting on the green in front of the Cathedral to catch some summery rays. I am yet to try their baked goods but oh my, they look so good. It’s such a cute little cafe and does some great take aways. I should also say, their sandwiches look INSANE! Might have to go for lunch one day and sit by the cathedral with something yummy under the trees (gingers and sunshine don’t mix)!

On the waterfront

I have to admit, I haven’t managed to go back since last summer but I am desperate to go back! Located at the quay, On the Waterfront has a great view of the water (hence the name) and is a great place to sit outside under the umbrellas and sip a cocktail while waiting for your pizza. Their extensive menu will not disappoint with plenty of options for everyone with vegan, veggie and gluten free options available, and even a chilli sign to give an indication of spice level. The cocktails also have offers with 2 for £13 on daiquiris and other cocktails… I know where I’ll be! This is another special place and a great place to go for a date if you’re around the third or fourth date, or if you’re feeling boujiee for a first date! If you don’t manage to get a table outside, don’t fear. The inside is just as lovely! I would recommend booking here as it gets very busy, especially in the evenings and on the weekend.

Sophie is in her final year as an undergraduate at the University of Exeter, studying Art History and Classical Studies. She is the President and Campus Correspondent for the Exeter Chapter of Her Campus. Sophie would love to work in the media when she graduates because of her love for reading and editing... in fact as you read this she is probably wishing that she was lying by a pool with a good book and an iced coffee!
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