‘So, any plans?’


The infamous question, from relatives, teachers and friends alike; ‘so what are your plans for after uni?’ *que meltdown // panic masters // crying // all of the above*

Having handed in my dissertation, and been rejected from all the grad schemes I applied to, I am also facing the classic 20-something crisis of what the hell am I doing with my life ? Answer is, I don’t really know, but the more I think about it, the more I’m okay with that. Up until this point, aside from those who take a crazy gap yah, educational stepping stones is all we’ve ever known, and the thought of that being over can be quite overwhelming. So, we’ve put together a little list of all the things you can, or cannot do, once you’re done with uni. 

GRAD SCHEME – For those lucky few, who get the infamous ‘Congratulations’ emails, a grad scheme, I’ve heard, is an option. It’s great for giving you job security, and a piece of mind knowing you’ll have support during your first years of employment. But, they ain’t everything, so no worries if you don’t take this path. 

GRAD JOB – This option really isn’t highlighted enough, they are so many jobs out there looking for graduates and the plus with these, is if you don’t like it, you’re not tied into it, in the same sense you are with a Grad Scheme. 

TRAVELLING – Without sounding hella rah, travelling can give you the life experience so many employers seem to punish Graduates for not having. Going out and seeing the world, placing yourself outside your comfort zone is really valuable as a young person who, for the most part, has known nothing but education. Open your mind, experience different cultures and learn about yourself, sounds a little airy fairy, but on a real, it can do wonders for your character and perspective. 

WORK ABROAD – Why not combine the above? Get yourself a job abroad, best of both worlds!! The advantage here is that you’re having a great cultural experience, but you’re getting paid – the key panic among most graduates is how on earth am I going to earn money, and this is a great option for your first years out of Uni. 

WORKING – Despite the crazy pressure, you don’t have to jump straight into a career. There’s nothing wrong with getting yourself a job, living and just figuring it out. If you’re not sure which career path you want to take, it’s probably for the best that you don’t jump into a job that could be completely wrong for you. 

There’s a lot more options for sure, but these are the most common. At the end of the day, behind all the questions and the pressure, you’ve just got to make sure you do what’s right for you. These days, your career is hella long, so figuring things out for a few years, earning money, travelling really isn’t all that bad. 

All the best, I'm rooting for yall <3