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With the pressure of all these exams, and the stress of cramming information into our brains night after night, it’s safe to say giving in to the temptation of several biscuits (or seventeen) becomes all too easy when faced with the dreaded days of revision. Sure, revision is tough. Our brains need the extra energy when we’re focusing so hard on learning. However, with summer just around the corner, the last thing we want to be worrying about is feeling bloated or flabby. So, here are some tips to snack smart, increase your brain power for all those notes, and avoid the sneaky revision pounds.

1.  Avoid Stress Eating

Comfort eating may seem like a good way to get through the exam period, but all those high sugar snacks may actually cause a negative effect on our brain power. Experts have found that foods high in white sugar, such as cake or milk chocolate, give us massive blood sugar rushes; but only for a very short time. So, you’ll be feeling hyper, then extremely tired within no time at all. Not only will you end up eating more to regain that energy, but your brain will struggle to concentrate if it’s constantly surfing a sugar wave.

Try to avoid snacks high in sugar when revising. If you do want to treat yourself, aim for a small portion of what you fancy and try to make sure your diet is filled with plenty of more sustainable energy sources as well. If you feel a binge coming on when faced with a particularly tough exam, try distracting yourself. Take a short break from work, paint your nails, or relax with a short walk to clear your mind.

2.  Water. Water. Water.

Girls, it’s important to stay hydrated during exam time. Not only is water great for your skin, but it’s also amazing for the brain. Water helps us think, keeps us alert (for those library all nighters) and has been proven to increase brain performance during exams. Keep a glass on your desk to sip on when studying, and always make sure to bring a bottle into exams. Studies have found students who brought water into exams increased their marks by 5%. So get drinking!

Herbal teas are also great for studying. There’s a huge range of flavors available, and at around 5 calories a cup you can drink as much as you like.


3.  Snack Smart

When we’re studying we don’t have a lot of time to cook. So, quick snacks are the best bet. Try to avoid cheap chocolate and biscuits. Instead, invest in some dried fruit and nuts to keep handy at all times. Although high in calories, both are great for the brain and your body. A small portion will help keep you satisfied without reaching for more.

Feel free to snack away on fruit, veggies and healthier snacks when studying. Keep a bowl of fruit near your desk; but not within snaffle distance. Instead, walk over to your snacks. Not only will it give your legs a stretch, but it will prevent mindless nibbling. You can also try reciting notes during your ‘travels,’ as an extra way to keep studying.

4.  Study Supplies

Finally, here are some more foods shown to be great for brain power.

It’s important to eat during revision; just make sure to aim for the right choices!

•  Salmon

•  Peanut Butter

•  Whole grains. That’s brown rice, quinoa, and cous cous.

•  Fish high in omega 3.

•  Almonds

•  Pumpkin seeds

•  Berries.

•  Wholewheat bread.

•  Coffee

•  Avocados

•  Apples

•  Bananas

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