Should Exeter Leave the NUS?

The NUS has been in the news recently for its controversial decision to not condemn ISIL, claiming such a stance may be construed as Islamophobic. The proposition was put forward by a Kurdish student but was voted against. Many have seen this as a step too far for the organisation, and a proposition has been put forward to hold a vote with regards to Exeter’s Student Guild leaving the NUS, and disassociating our university from the group.

The idea for the vote came from Charlie Evans, a student at Exeter, and received enough support that it seems likely the vote will take place. If it does, it will occur early in December. For more information on this the Guild’s page can be found here.

The ISIL statement is not the first controversial move by the NUS. Recent issues have included their alleged support of education cuts and a graduate tax and censorship at certain universities such as Durham where members forced the cancellation of a debate. However leaving the NUS would have large financial implications for our university and our students. NUS membership allows Student Unions far greater purchasing power than they would have otherwise which in turn allows for student campaigns and charities to have a bigger impact. In addition, there is no current national alternative to the organisation, and there is a worry that Exeter will be left without a voice on the national scale.

Whatever your opinion, here at HCX we believe that it is important to take advantage of the opportunity to vote on such an important university issue. If the referendum takes place not only will the decision will have a big impact on student life, but it will also maintain the standard of democracy at Exeter. If you have an idea to change the Guild and our university you can submit it here.   

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