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I’ve been asking peers this deep and concerning question for the past week. The best response came from my male flatmate who responded with, “Two words: d*ck picks”.

Girls- we’ve all been screwed over by a guy at least once (and if you haven’t, you must have magical powers). But do these bad experiences mean we will forever be unlucky in love?

My dad is a total romantic who moved to California to marry a stranger he fell in love with, so he just doesn’t get why I have trouble handing over my heart to a guy I’m interested in. Sorry Dad, but we live in an age of game playing. Instead of love letters and big gestures, we read into who texted last or if he liked your latest Instagram. Maybe it’s just me, but I think Jane Austen would roll over in her grave if Darcy asked Elizabeth over for “Netflix and chill”.

I’m not surprised that most of the girls asked agreed that romance for our generation is dead. Maybe it’s because of the ‘No Strings Attached’ sex culture that seems to be everywhere, or maybe it’s because our society is saturated in social media. Whatever it is, f*ck boys are a real thing and we’ve come to just accept it.

The boys I asked were not willing to admit that romance could be dead. Some even said that they hope to find a special person soon. I’m not sure that the majority of TP guys on a Wednesday night are looking for their significant other, but their optimism does give me hope. There are good guys out there!

Maybe we need to just accept that the nature of romance has changed. Instead of sending you roses or standing under your flat window throwing pebbles, your partner might like your Instagram picture or Retweet something soppy about #wifeymaterial. The way that we express how we feel has changed, but our feelings haven’t. There’s still hope.

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