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Review: Revitalise.Rejuvenate Exeter

As a writer for Her Campus, I was lucky enough to be sent along to test out the ‘Red Carpet Facial’ at Exeter’s ‘Revitalise Rejuvenate’, a non-surgical facial aesthetics clinic run by Pradnya Apté. On the website, the facial promises “A truly fabulous perfect skin ‘pick me up’ prior to any special occasion/event. This is an Oxygen Lift to the skin and it is an Oxygen infused Facial. This is a revolutionary treatment to exfoliate, illuminate and oxygenate the skin. It also aids healing of the skin. No skin prep required. Results are glowing, dewy, luminous radiant skin”, and the results certainly delivered.

Although Pradnya promised me that this would not be an ‘all frills’ spa treatment, and would instead get down to the nitty gritty of really improving my skin, I was welcomed with the offer of a glass of champagne and told to relax in the treatment room. The treatment started with a simple cream to oil cleanser which removed any make up and residue on my skin, and was followed by an enzyme peel to exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells. Pradnya then applied a fizzing oxygen mask which delivered oxygen deep into the layers of my skin for the best results. The mask was my favourite part of the whole treatment, and not only smelt like fresh oranges but also felt like popping candy on my skin. The mask was then followed by stem cell collagen cream which moisturised and plumped up my skin, and Pradyna even applied a thin layer of tinted moisturiser so I was ready to go (a brilliant thing about this facial is that unlike others you can apply makeup straight away so it’s an ideal treatment to have the day before, or the day of an event).

Immediately after the treatment, I had bright glowing skin, with only a very slight redness on my cheeks, which died down after a few hours and left me with bright, soft skin. The major effects lasted for about a week after the initial facial, however I could see a general improvement in my skin for a whole month afterwards. My friends noticed a dramatic difference in the brightness and overall tone of my skin. After the facial I was given a post treatment kit which included a cleanser, mask, face serum and moisturiser. I followed the skincare regime and saw great results with the products alone, however Pradyna recommends that as this facial is not too harsh on the skin, you can have it up to every two weeks (if your purse stretches to it), so you can maintain the original results all year round.

The products used for the facial are by “Image Skincare”, a popular brand in the US that promises to use “superior ingredients to achieve outstanding results” and to take a dermatological rather than a superficial approach to skincare. It is featured on Miss Universe and in a number of beauty and fashion magazines across America. Not only are the products not tested on animals but they are also 100% paraben free, and promise to make a real positive difference to your skin. When mine run out I’ll be sure to head back to Revitalise Rejuvenate for another skin pick me up, and a few more facials if my piggy bank can stretch to it!


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