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Relationship Advice According to Reality TV Shows

Here at HerCampus, we are reality TV addicts. Some people may call it trash TV, but we call it a psychological and anthropological study. By watching ‘real’ people (come on, surely
Spencer can’t be that much of a dick in real life?!) we think we can learn a thing or two about our own lives and relationships.


So, we have compiled a list of the best relationship advice
that we have gained from watching reality TV. (It was all research, we swear!)


1.     If there are rumours that your boyfriend is cheating on you, he almost definitely is.




Look no further than Made in Chelsea and the fateful love stories of Alex & Binky, Spencer & Funda, Spencer & Lucy, Spencer & Louise (Spencer you dirty dog), Millie & Hugo (remember them?!)…the list could go on. Not to mention Arg and Lydia, Mario and Lucy, and Jess and Ricky from TOWIE.


2.    If said boyfriend has in fact cheated on you, you MUST throw a drink over him.


Red wine is always a fab option
, especially if he is wearing a white shirt, a la Lucy Meck and bad boy Mario. Whatever you do, make sure you do it at a crowded party where everyone can judge him.


3.     If you’re just having a ‘f**k buddy’ situation with a guy, you WILL fall in love with him. And he won’t feel the same.



A bit of casual ‘bucking’ will inevitably lead to jealousy and heartbreak. Don’t make the same mistakes as our Char and Holls from Geordie Shore. (P.S. #gazandcharforevz)


4.     When you finally call it quits with your ex, the best thing for you do is go back and sleep with him.


It will probably end in tears, and all your friends will bitch about you. But hey!

Lydia Bright and Lucy Thompson both did it, and they’re both fine and perfectly rational.


5.     Once a cheater, always a cheater.




Doesn’t matter how damn hot and sassy you are, if your boyfriend has cheated on people before, he will certainly cheat on you too. Sozza Lucy Watson, rookie error!


6.     As soon as you’ve broken up with your boyfriend, make sure you immediately get with that guy you’ve always had a thing for. As in, the same day.


Instead of being upset about the boyfriend you’ve just broken up with, you’ll create even more boy drama! Hooray!


7.     If you get with Dan Osborne from TOWIE, you are definitely going to have a baby.



WARNING: You may become pregnant simply by looking at him. #fittie


8.     If you spend your whole life talking about the difficulties in your relationship with your friends/mum/boyfriend/postman/bus driver, then it’s probably not going to work out.




CARDINAL RULE: If you spend more time talking about your relationship than actually enjoying it, you need to end things. This applies to every single couple in Made in Chelsea.




9.     Make sure you end on good terms with your ex, because he may turn up on a beach just as you’re shagging someone else.



He will probably arise from the water ready to tear. sh*t. up.


10. Always confide in your gay best friend. He’ll know exactly what to say to cheer you up.


Never heard truer words in all my life.


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