Our Thoughts on Political Halloween Costumes

And here we are again, stumbling through October at an alarming rate and soon enough the big day will be upon us! But before we whip out the Chrimbo decorations, Halloween is occurring!! Obviously, the biggest question on everyone’s lips at this time if the year is what are you going as?? A sultry cat, a classic devil or perhaps an eerie ghost? However, over recent years Halloween has begun to cross over from a harmless excuse to wear a lot of black and drown yourself in fake blood, into an event which can be used to make a political statement. Here at Her Campus, we thought we’d take a look at the pros and cons of this recent development...



  • It expands the repertoire of possible outfits to wear, minimizing the chances you’ll end up as 1 of 5 witches in the room
  • Political actors are public figures, they are in the limelight and in the name of freedom of expression, citizens have a right to draw on them for costume inspiration
  • Politics is IMPORTANT! Those ruling our countries are having grave effects on us all every day, people are inevitably going to have a say on them and their actions


  • It ridicules the pillars of our society, undermining their ability to carry out their job by lessening citizens’ respect for them
  • Their outfits are usually not the easiest to get your grooves on in; dressing up as Trump is all well and good until you realize you can’t slut drop in a fitted suit
  • Halloween is supposed to be a care free, fun event. Is bringing political views into it going to end up ruining the fun? People are always going to disagree and perhaps stimulating a political, left v right debate in the middle of Ring of Fire isn’t the best idea

Basically, there are no right answers! If you want to defy convention and dress up as Hillary Clinton, rather than Scary Spice, then you do you! All we may say is, bear in mind Halloween is designed to be a trivial, enjoyable, chilled event, welcome to all - so don’t go out of your way to offend or start an argument which may detract from your evening!