Opinions on... Using Drugs for Medicinal Purposes

Experimenting with illegal drugs is most commonly associated with the young and rebellious and infamous rockstars. Few people would expect a 70 year old man or a 45 year old mother to be regular cannabis users, however; if they are suffering from a serious illness, such as cancer, does that justify them using illegal drugs to seek relief? Or should drugs that are illegal, because of their dangerous nature, be avoided for that very reason? Opinions on this matter are divided, as two Exeter University students show:

I think that using drugs for medicinal purposes is fine. If it relieves the patient from chronic pain and suffering without causing any additional problems it is not a problem. A lot of legal drugs have potentially serious side effects so when used safely these drugs are no different.”

I think that by allowing certain drugs to be used for some people undermines the fact that they are illegal. It glorifies them and could make them more accessible.”