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Is Old-Fashioned Romance Dead?

Is it the end of old-fashioned romance? Love letters, sonnets, flowers and chocolates… None of these traditional romantic gestures seem to happen any more. Nowadays we’ve settled for a very different approach to dating. It’s become a lot more common for couples to meet on a night out at Timepiece as opposed to a more romantic rom-com style moment.

It’s almost impossible to socialize without the added factor of alcohol. Nights out have become a jungle of guys and girls ‘Out on the prowl’. But when you meet someone in a club how often does it actually lead anywhere? Trust can be an enormous issue as it’s hard to tell whether they’re being genuine or simply playing The Game to encourage you to go home with them. One line I’ve heard more times than I can count is the old “Let’s go out for coffee tomorrow!”, yet how often does it actually happen after you both wake up tired, hung-over and sober.

The effects of alcohol provide us with a huge boost in confidence, as well as an escape route for when things go wrong – if a guy asks you out and you turn him down he can always just explain that he was ‘soo wasted’ or ‘doesn’t remember’ when confronted the next day. Even meeting people through societies can be difficult, since again alcohol tends to play a fairly crucial role at socials. What these drunken nights lead to is undefined, casual relationships, which just leaves us in a pile of confusion. What happened to good old-fashioned dating?

That said, I do know of couples that stuck to the traditional method of actually dating each other. While first dates may be awkward they can also be really fun and a great way to get to know each other, rather than drunkenly bonding over something you’re probably not even going to remember in the morning. On a girls’ night out at Firehouse the other night there were two students on the table next to me on a first date, needless to say we were jealous.

Hopefully Valentine’s Day will be the revival of good old-fashioned romance, let’s just hope the cards don’t get lost in the post!

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