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Nicholas Limm


Following their last successful production of Kes, Exeter University Theatre Company (EUTCO) is putting on one of Bertolt Brecht’s most famous and controversial plays, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui from 29th February - 3rd March. Described as a satirical allegory of Hitler’s rise to power set in 1930’s Chicago, this is set to be a gripping, dark and highly enjoyable production at the Northcott Theatre. Her Campus caught up with Nicholas Limm who is bravely taking on the title role.

How long have you been performing?

I’ve been acting as long as I can remember. I used to love doing the school plays and performing in anything I could. The earliest acting experience I can recall was playing the Inn Keeper in our primary school play.

What has been your most memorable drama-related experience at Exeter?

I’ve had some wonderful experiences at Exeter. You get a real high when a performance is going well. I think my most memorable is during my first year in a play called God in The Well. I was a drunken tramp who fell down a well. They gave me a bottle of whiskey to be drinking; I got a bit carried away and drank enough to be a little drunk, performing on stage when drunk felt pretty memorable and exciting.

Has anything really embarrassing ever happened to you whilst you were performing?

There have been some fairly drastic errors on stage. In one play this year I was meant to be a young boy who likes to climb around things, so I was allowed to clamber all over Exeter St David’s church and jump up on things, which was awesome, but on the first night I slipped and fell about six feet onto the marble floor. The audience all gasped. I managed to carry on, but it hurt quite a bit! Also seeing my ‘brooding face’ all over campus, at the moment, is quite embarrassing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I would love to be part of the RSC, preferably playing some majestic leading part. But spear carrier will probably be good enough for now. Then Spielberg will ring me. That’s the dream anyway.

What attracted you to the role of Arturo Ui?

Ui is a really exciting part to play. He’s a combination of iconic figures, from Richard III to Al Capone and finally a portrayal of Hitler. He’s a wonderful villain, because he’s so desperate and vicious. There’s a huge journey he makes in the play from a down and out gangster to a towering despot. I love how pitiful he can be, and yet also brutal and commanding. He’s a layered character and will try anything to get power.

Brecht is notoriously difficult to stage, how accessible do you think your production is for a largely student audience?

Hopefully we’ve made it so a student audience can be drawn into the story and enjoy it in itself. Brecht is very distinct in his style, but the director (Zac Price) has attempted to give it a more cinematic film noire quality. We’ve really played up the gangster movie theme, which should appeal to a student audience.

Lastly, why should we come and see The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui?

It’s a play with a lot going for it; it’s a parable of Hitler’s rise to power, so you have historical events being played out before you. It’s a gritty, dark gangster story with this terrible figure at the centre, and it’s funny. It satirises the rise of Hitler and makes you question how it could ever have happened. There’s going to be a live band and the whole production team have worked very hard to make it as exciting as it can be. Please do come and support us!
Tickets are available from the Nortcott Theatre (on campus) or from the website: http://www.exeternorthcott.co.uk/page/the-resistable-rise-of-arturo-ui
Look out for a Her Campus review of the production soon!

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