The Newly Single To Do List

You’ve boxed up everything that reminds you of him, watched Titanic whilst eating ice cream and changed his name on your phone to “DO NOT CONTACT ME” after one too many drunken phone calls (and voicemails...).

 Now that you are ready to say farewell to those Break-up Blues, it’s time to have some fun! At Her Campus, we have come up with a list of things to do to celebrate your new-found freedom as the Mayoress of Singletown…

1.Clean out your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter

Remember all of those pics you uploaded of the two of you where you had a double-chin situation going on, but he looked good? It’s time to get rid of them. To be honest, they should never have seen the light of day anyway – but you wanted the whole world to know you were young and in love… Well now it’s time for a Social Network Makeover. Stop tweeting Taylor Swift lyrics, get yourself a new Facebook profile picture, and delete the album titled “First Mini-break with Bae”. You’ll feel a lot better afterwards – we promise!

2. Read He’s Just Not That Into You

This will become your new Bible. Whilst the title makes it sound like that mean girl at school who would look down her nose at you, the book is actually really empowering. It prepares you for the World of Dating and tells you the tell-tale signs that a guy isn’t that into you. So the next time you go out with a guy and he doesn’t treat you like the princess you are, you can confidently walk away because you deserve better.

3. Go to karaoke night at Walkabout

We advise that you get a little Dutch (or should we say Russian) courage and do some Vodka shots before taking to the stage and preparing to become Yik Yak famous. Belt out some of the sassiest songs you know – who said you needed to be in tune to have fun whilst singing I Will Survive?

4. Have a style makeover

This could be a new hairstyle (think Carrie going brunette in the first Sex and the City film) or a new staple item, like knee-high boots or leather gloves. Make a little/big change for you to remind yourself that you’re a new and better version of yourself after this breakup. You’re like a sexy phoenix emerging from the ashes of a crappy relationship.

5. Take up a new sport 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a BodySoc enthusiast or if running to the fridge is your idea of exercise, taking up a new sport is guaranteed to make you feel happier. Not only do you make new friends, but you also release all of those endorphins and this gives you a happy glow (although that may also be sweat!).

6. Get with a Fresher

The basic appeal of a fresher is that they are eager to get with as many girls as possible so they have something to tell the “lads” when they go home for Christmas. And it’s a well-known fact that most of the guys in Exeter are a solid 8/10, so grab yourself a fresher on Top Top. Even if you’re not ready for a one-night stand, a little action never did anyone any harm!

7. Go on an Ann Summers shopping spree

Now is the time to treat yourself to that lace bra you’ve been eyeing in the store window for weeks. With Christmas on the horizon, it can be pretty depressing to think about how you don’t have a partner to spoil you rotten anymore. But that is what your overdraft is for, girl. Go crazy! And if you’re missing the sexual side of the relationship, Ann Summers has a vast range of products to make yourself…happy.

8. Pick up a guy using a false identity 

This is just a bit of fun, really. Invent a new persona and chat up a hottie in Artigiano’s over a Cosmopolitan (or two). This can really help you get your confidence back as you prepare to get back onto the Dating Saddle. So go have fun and spend the night as Katilyn Jones, an exchange student from the University of Iowa. You get bonus points if you attempt an American accent.

9. Do a Stride of Pride after a sports’ social

It’s a well-known fact that Wednesday Timepiece is the pulling hub of Exeter, so go back to that cute Lacrosse boy’s house for a night of carefree fun. Then, in the morning, put back on your crazy costume from the night before, and do the stride of pride dressed as a worm.

10. Have an epic girl’s night out

Boys are strictly off limits, since this night is dedicated to you and your best friends elbowing guys out the way as you dance to Shake It Off at Unit 1. Then, after dancing the night away, you need a Big Girly Sleepover in the living room. Never underestimate the cuteness of drunken snuggles with the girls!

After weeks/months of heartache and non-stop wondering where things went wrong in your past relationship, you definitely deserve to get your happiness back. This is why we suggest that you try some of the things on this To Do list, because being single is actually a hoot and a half. So go out and have fun, because this new era of your life is worth celebrating.