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Meet the HCX Executive Team!

Find out more about the Her Campus Exeter President and Vice Presidents for 2012/13!

Georgie Hazell
HCX Position: President
Year: 3rd
Degree: International Relations and Anthropology
Hometown: Kingston upon Thames
What you’re looking foward to most about HCX this year: I can’t wait to see how the magazine develops this year – from brand partnerships to socials and events there’s a lot of exciting business in store for HCX; not to mention getting to know the amazing new team!
Favourite childhood films: Parent Trap and Aladdin
Favourite place in the world: Lake Nakuru, Kenya
Dream celebrity date: Chris Hemsworth
Favourite song: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
What you look for in a guy: Spontaneity, ambition and (most importantly) a great sense of humour!
Random fact about yourself: I worked at a Royal Wedding in Bahrain on my Gap Year

Caroline Butten
HCX Position: Vice President
Year: 3rd
Degree: English with French (FLC)
Hometown: Winchester
What you’re looking foward to most about HCX this year: Getting to know all the new writers and committee, and learning more about how HC works, especially the editorial side
Favourite childhood film: Anything Disney
Favourite place in the world: Cornwall and Paris
Dream celebrity date: Gerard Butler
Favourite song: You Only Live Once by The Strokes
What you look for in a guy: Honesty, good looks and a great personality (helps if he plays sport too!)
Random fact about yourself: I’ve climbed the second highest mountain in Tanzania

Lauren Hudson
HCX Position: Vice President
Year: 2nd
Degree: Law LLB (European – French Law Maitrise)
Hometown: Glasgow
Most excited about: Helping to plan the HCX events, seeing how HCX works “behind the scenes” and meeting everyone on the new team!
Favourite childhood film: Matilda
Favourite place in the world: Paris – especially in the winter
Dream celebrity date: Hugh Grant… Okay he’s getting a bit old but still…
Favourite song: Skinny Love by Birdie
What you look for in a guy: Good chat (someone who can make me laugh), someone who’s good to me – and good looks never hurt…
Random fact about yourself: I might be starting 2nd year but most of the Freshers are probably older than me; whoops!

Georgie Hazell is a final year Anthropology and International Politics student at the University of Exeter, UK. Georgie became involved with Her Campus during her semester studying abroad at the College of William & Mary, along with Rocket (the campus fashion magazine), Trendspotters (the campus fashion TV show) and Tri Delta sorority. She hopes to pursue a career in media or marketing in the future. Georgie has a passion for travel and experiencing new cultures, and spent five months travelling the world on her Gap Year.
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