The Many Faces of Politics at Exeter University

University is a great time to get involved in politics and our great University has countless outlets for you to do so. The societies on offer represent views all over the political spectrum so whether you’re a staunch conservative or the most progressive of liberals you’re sure to find someone who shares your views and lots who don’t. Her Campus has put together a list of the main political societies at Exeter for you to get involved with, however there are many more for more specific issues and views so make sure to check out the Guild website for a comprehensive list!

Conservative Association

The largest party-political society on campus, Conservative Association boasts a packed social and political calendar. As well as debates and campaigning they also host regular pub crawls and meet ups, offering something for those who want to dive right into the politics or just hang out with like-minded people.


Freedom Society

There is no set ideology in Freedom Society and they are non-partisan, supporting no particular party. Members hold a wide range of views but generally share the same core beliefs in limited government and individual freedom, rights and responsibility. They welcome speakers from varied fields, host informative talks and boast an active social calendar.


Green Party Society

Describing themselves as a society “for those who want an environmentally conscious, socially equal and economically fair society” Green Party Society claims to be a bit different than the average political society. They hold weekly meetings, popular speakers and fun socials all with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  


Labour Society

Members of the Labour Society in Exeter are heavily involved with the local area, taking part in community service and a few have even been elected as Exeter City Councillors. Whether you join for the lively socials or the political debated Labour Society will welcome you.


Liberal Democrat Society

Opening their doors to all liberals the Liberal Democrat Society at Exeter has close links with the local and national party, and is hoping to get some big names down to the South West to speak. By connecting with the other political societies they’re looking forward to a year of interesting debates. In their words “This is the society for liberals who like to think (and maybe also drink).”


Socialist Students

Describing themselves as “the only radical society on campus” the Socialist society is another non-partisan group. They want to tackle the big issues the UK and the world is facing today and offer a way to participate in campaigns and discussions regardless of your ideological or social position.

So if you’re at all interested in politics consider getting involved in one of these great societies! It’s a brilliant way to learn a little more about the world, furnish your CV and meet some interesting new people.