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Mamma Mia Style Escape to Greece

At some point since its release, you will have found yourself, a family member, or a friend watching Mamma Mia usually in sing-along mode. As spring has officially sprung it is now acceptable to press pause and book a holiday you won’t forget. Whether you’re a true Mamma Mia fan, a dubious tag along or you’re just looking for some well-deserved R and R, you will not to be disappointed. Just off the east coast of mainland Greece amongst the turquoise blue waters of the Aegean Sea lie a collection of small Greek islands known as the Sporades Islands more recently recognised as the brilliant, bright, blue backdrop of Mamma Mia.


  1. Skopelos – where the majority of the movie was filmed. Visit this island to see…


  • Agios Ioannis Chapel, possibly the most romantic in the Mediterranean, featured in the wedding scene and Meryl’s recollection of “Winner
    Takes It All”.



  • Amarantos Rocks featured in Sophie’s boat trip with her Dads during “Our Last Summer”.



  • Kastani Beach, where most of the outdoor filming was done. Film makers even built a jetty and beach bar just for filming!



  1. Skiathos – the most accessible of the islands, with an airport and ferries to the other 23 Sporades islands and mainland Greece. Sights from the film here include:


  • The Pier – located at the heart of Skiathos’s harbour; this is where Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth miss their Ferry!



  • Post Box – hidden away up the little back streets is where ‘Sophie’ was filmed posting her letters in the opening sequence. The panoramic view of the coast and town is not to be missed!


Top Tips:


  • Avoid clammy, cramped buses and take full advantage of the water ferries which run from Skiathos harbour to nearby picturesque hideaway beaches and bays.
  • Shop around for a boat trip to suit your budget and preferences from the array on offer! From adult only sunset cruises to Mamma Mia themed day trips – all tastes are catered for.
  • Be prepared for a landing and take-off that will test your nerves.



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Millie Butel

Deputy Travel Editor 2015-2016 A third year geographer with constant wanderlust.
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