Lewis Lawrence

Recently HCX caught up with Lewis Lawrence, the mastermind behind Exeter's new and exciting student night, KINK. We are sure that you have all seen the posters around campus and in people's windows so HCX wanted to chat to Lewis about what it's all about as it launches this Wednesdat at Exeter Cavern.

Name: Lewis Lawrence

Year: 3rd year

Course: Law LLB

Tell us a little about KINK...


KINK is a new night in Exeter which incorporates some of the UK's biggest up and coming bands into a student club night. Every KINK Night we have 2 up and coming bands playing until half eleven, then we have different DJs playing every night until 3am.

What inspired you to set it up?

I'm in 3rd year now, and most people in 2nd and 3rd year know by now that the music scene in Exeter isn't that great. Its a bit of an effort to go to Bristol or Plymouth every other week if you enjoy seeing live bands. So we're just pretty much trying to put on the kind of music we'd enjoy going to see and bands that we think will be big in the next 6 months or so! Then also trying to put that in a student night environment where everyone knows everyone- which is the main reason why everyone likes student nights I guess. Trying to make the most enjoyable student night possible! And all for 6 quid...

Where did the name come from?

I really wanted KINK to become one of the biggest nights for new music in Exeter, and with the bands we've managed to book, hopefully the whole of the South West too after a while! So we wanted something quite short that people will remember and talk about.. and we got KINK! Only trouble is we're not quite google friendly yet...

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

It's definitely been booking the bands! Now we have finally booked all our bands for the term, its a massive relief... But it was quite hard trying to book 5 different big new acts at the same time. We're also trying to put on really good bands and DJs which probably costs a lot more than a standard club night, while at the same time keeping the price as low as possible for students. So hopefully people will come to KINK or I might blow my student loan! I hope after people come to a couple of nights they will realise how much effort has been put in to jamming as much quality as possible into a £6 ticket!

Which bands have you got lined up and who are you most looking forward to?

We have Mausi, Dive In, Wolf Alice, The Night VI, Dumb and Amber so far, with one more big one unconfirmed.. The reason we chose them all was because they are all bands who are starting to get loads of radio play and are looking like they'll be big in the near future, so they're all really exciting me! Out of all of them, I reckon Wolf Alice and Amber might blow up the most in the next few months...But they are all great so I wouldn't miss any of them!

Well if you weren't convinved already we are sure you will be convinced now that KINK is going to be a good night! Check out their website here: http://www.kinkexeter.com and make sure you buy your tickets here: http://www.fatsoma.com/kinkexeter/