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Le Cirque Sombre Style Guide

Bright lights, spectacular performances, mysterious goings on…so you’ve bought your ticket to the circus, but how are you going to steal the show!? 

We’ve come up with 7 costume ideas to give you inspiration for your glamorous cirque chic:


1)    The Top Hat

Wearable for any gender, this is a must-have in your circus look-book. Keep it plain and simple, or embellish with a ribbon or feather, this is the headwear that signals circus like nothing else!

2)    The Harlequin Print

Be it hosiery, accessories or body paint, the harlequin print is a circus staple that your outfit should never be without. Go for the classic black and white combo that never fails, or channel a slightly darker vibe with a lusty red and alluring gold covering.


3)    The Blazer

Nothing gives you that classic ringleader look faster than a fitted blazer. Easily worn over dresses, leggings or jeans, it will finish off any outfit perfectly! Go bold with circus stripes, or add tails and gold buttons to glam up your derriere…

4)    The Corset

There are no bounds to the impact the corset can make- it sucks you in from all the right angles and brings back the vintage in circus! Silks, velvets and anything that feels luxurious are the ideal ensemble for the most opulent look of all. 

5)    Glitter

This has to be the most versatile accessory in your entire outfit! Mix with eye-shadow for make-up that will turn heads, or add to your nail varnish for extra sparkle. Poppy & Daughters do an extensive range of colours, all for very reasonable prices, so check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/poppyanddaughters?fref=ts

6)    The Ruff

Use either netting or tulle to create this pleated accessory that can be worn around the neck, arm or waist to embellish any black-tie outfit. Perfect for creating the eerie clown, puppet or doll costume!

7)    The Make-Up

Don’t be a stranger to copious amounts of face-paint, eyeliner and smoky shades for this theme, giving you a fiendishly decadent appearance that is guaranteed to make an unforgettable impression. Half filled-in lips, pale foundation and diamond shapes around the eyes are just a few easy ideas for inspiration.

If you missed out on the Early Bird tickets, we hear there are a limited number of general tickets available HERE: http://www.exeterguild.org/lecirquesombre/


The money raised will go to support the work of RAG’s nominated charities, making an invaluable contribution to the resources of Exeter Foodbank, Exeter Mind and Exeter Student Volunteers.

Who says charity can’t be creative!?


Photo Credits

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Harlequin: yandy.com

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Majority of pictures found here: http://www.pinterest.com/mangomango7/le-cirque-sombrefebruarymarch-shoot/


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