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International Woman’s Day: What Does it Mean to You?

International Women’s Day is celebrated this year on March 8th and is an opportunity to celebrate female achievements and successes as well as recognising the important work that still needs to be done to tackle key issues of female equality, safety and opportunity worldwide. As part of my recognition of International Women’s Day I decided not to bore you with a long winded lecture about issues you are probably well aware of. Instead I decided to do something a bit different (partly because we women are always creative and partly because of having to fight through endless March deadlines!) and instead asked a few of my friends to write down what they felt it means to be a woman, both in the UK and abroad. 


Flo: Anthropology & Politics

Independent, Condifent, Sexy


Sophie: Anthropology

Courage, Strength, Discrimination


Hope: English

Independent, Unique, Strong


Sujira: Law

Strong, Independent, Pressured


Mathilde: Business and Management

“Good Girl”, Responsibilities, Independent


Imogen: English

Strong, Individual, Caring



Anna Garrett: Anthropology

Driven, Struggle, Beautiful


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