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Perhaps the biggest downside about travel is long haul flights. Not only are they devastating for the environment, but spending 12 hours cramped in a tiny seat desperate for the toilet but unable to get past your sleeping neighbour can be tormenting.

Here are five tips to help you survive those long hours of discomfort:

1) Book an overnight flight

While airplane seats are nothing compared to your own bed, those flight blankets and eyemask really work wonders. Plug into your favorite tunes and snuggle down for some shut-eye, it’s definitely the best way to pass the hours!

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Tessa Pesicka / Her Campus
2) Choose your movies

A long flight is a perfect chance to catch up on some must-see films. Make sure to choose a really long one, we’re talking 3 hours plus, for optimal time-usage – something like Lord of the Rings, Avengers, etc.

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Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels

3) Buy a good book

Similar to a movie, a good, long, book will keep you amused for ages. Check out the bestsellers in the airport book shop and treat yourself to a holiday purchase. If you want some other ideas, check out the Exeter Her Campus book club!

4) Avoid the airplane meal

Controversial, I know. But trust me, airplane meals are processed, high in salt and other chemicals. You will have a much more pleasant flight experience if you avoid the food. Instead, have a big meal in the airport beforehand and ‘fast’ during the flight, the same as you would overnight when sleeping. Also, the best way to adjust to a new time zone is to quickly adjust your eating and sleeping schedule. When you land in a new country, have a good meal to refresh yourself from the flight in line with the new time zone.

5) Exercise

Doing exercise before a long-haul flight will not only help you to feel less restless cramped in a seat for so long, but will probably also help you to sleep during the flight. Try and get in a good workout or a run, something where you are moving all of your body at a high intensity. Similarly, doing exercise at the other end will also help your body recover from the jet lag and shake off that post-flight feeling.


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