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How To: Old Dress, New Look

The end of term spells party season! Whilst this is really exciting, it is also seriously expensive. With the student loan running low, most girls don’t have the cash to splash on a new dress for every occasion. With this is mind, here are some of our tips on how to recycle your old dresses for the latest parties. To make that old dress seem new, just keep in mind these three S’s!


Studs are one of the hottest trends of the season and a great accessory to add to an old dress for that extra party glamour.  Statement collars are still a great way to make an old dress feel current. Discover your inner DIY queen and add studs to an old dress’ collar to give it a completely new look. If it doesn’t have a collar, why not adds studs to the seams or cuffs? If you’re feeling really adventurous, mix in studs with gold piping to create statement shoulders on a dress. This look works even better if you stitch some shoulder pads in to the lining of the dress. Studs work on all colours, and are easy to work into various styles. We would suggest avoiding adding studs to a dress that is already very detailed, but to a simple LBD that you’ve worn once, they can make all the difference!



If you are a sucker for big necklaces, this is a perfect way to revamp an old dress. Buying an ornamental necklace and making it the only accessory of your outfit works wonders to completely change the look of a dress! A spiked necklace adds edge to a lace dress, and a bright neon number will draw attention to a simple black dress. Big bracelets, earrings and rings also work wonders. If you wear a dress twice that is quite recognisable, simply change the jewellery look completely and you’re sorted! Don’t be afraid to be bold with this update, because nothing says party like lots of shimmering jewels. This trick can also be used on a new, simple dress. If you find a flattering dress which is a bit too plain for a ball, add a gorgeous necklace to give it the extra special touch.



Shoes, shoes, shoes – possibly the easiest accessory to use to revamp an old dress in time for all the end of term celebrations.

New shoes do not require you to break the bank. Places like New Look can get you a sparkly red pair for under £40! Match a pair of statement shoes to your handbag and you’re good to go!

A pair of fabulous shoes can brighten up a plain dress and give you bags of confidence to grab everyone’s attention with.  Pointed court shoes can add lady-like glamour to a simple bodycon dress, and bright wedges can be the finishing touch on a little white summer dress for the Enchanted Ball. If you feel like you can’t justify the price of an extra pair of shoes, go for a stunning black pair – they will go with everything and you can wear them right through to grad week!  



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