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How to Dress Like a Local in Paris 

No place exudes style more than Paris. It is the birthplace of haute couture and where iconic fashion houses such as Coco Chanel and Dior first made their mark. Twice a year, Paris is host to one of the highlights of the fashion calendar: Paris Fashion Week.

Of all the cities in the world, Parisian style has to be my favourite; it mixes timeless elegance with a degree of rebellion – playing with fashion rules whilst also keenly following them.

Staples of the Parisian wardrobe include jeans, floaty skirts, fun prints and messy hair – à la française. It is an effortless and fun style, and you must be sure to embrace it when travelling to Paris.


Here are three fun ways to get the Parisian look you’re after:

1)    Go easy on the labels, garish logos don’t scream French chic. Instead, go for simple pieces with minimal branding. Let your style speak for you! 

2)    Muted colours but with a pop of colour here and there. Think minimalistic but with an edge.


3)    The long skirts and white trainers combo is such a classic, it works in any season and looks great when paired with a chic turtleneck in winter or a crop top in summer. And if the trainers are Vejas, that’s a plus. You can totally have fun with different prints too. 

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Whether you rock that Maje bag or those white vejas, the most important thing is to be comfortable and enjoy what Paris has to offer! Above all, the best accessory has to be a croissant and coffee combo!

I’m an English literature and Spanish student at the University of Exeter with a passion for writing and travel.
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