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Applying lipstick is probably the most difficult to master when completing our make-up regime. There are so many dilemmas involved- will it stay on during pre-drinks if I’m constantly sipping during a drinking game?; Am I going to face that awkward moment where I crack on with a lad and then I look only to find the contents of what was on my lips smothered on his face?; Do I even bother putting any lippy on if I’m going on a date to a restaurant because it will virtually be gone by the end of it? Well, rest assured ladies, hopefully, this line of tips will make that lipstick hold tight and see you through to the end of the night.

1. This seems to be the most obvious answer, but I’m going to say it anyway! You could just bag yourself a matte lipstick advertised to hold all night long. I would rate the Sephora matte lipsticks 10/10. I bought a bright red lipstick between 10-15 euros (check it out below) and honestly, it completely stays put. I’ve demolished a burger and it’s still looked perfect after the final bite of it. Of course, give it a touch up now and again to keep it looking fierce and bright, but that may not even be necessary!

2. Give your lips a base. Just like you use a primer on your skin and will moisturise, your lips also need a base too, to not only help the product ground itself but also to nourish them before application. You will already be putting primer on your lips when you spray your face, but I find the lipstick stays put when you either base your lips with concealer or foundation too.


3. Next, don’t forget to lip-line! I’m not the biggest fan of matching lip liner to the lip shade I want to use, so to save the bother I use a white liner for any and every shade. Even though the lip liner isn’t visible as you’re putting it on, it will still, of course, stop the lip shade from bleeding on the outer edge of your lips, so make sure you carefully outline areas such as the cupid’s bow!


4. When applying a matte lipstick like the Sephora shades I mentioned above, I always use a lip brush as it allows you to neatly outline your lips before smacking the colour on. Make sure to outline your cupid’s bow and don’t forget that you can make your lips look fuller and plumber by ever so slightly over-lining your lips. The best place to do this is to place colour on the very edge of your lips or even slightly below your bottom lip line. That way they look a little fuller without over-doing it and looking like your auditioning for a clown part. Once you have done the outline, you can then lightly cover all of your lips with the first base of the colour.

5. This is a really good top tip coming up- if you place a piece of toilet roll (stay with me on this…), or even kitchen roll over your lips lightly and then brush over some translucent powder, this will not only make your colour appear more matte on your lips, but it will also give it that extra sturdy base for another coat to go on.


6. Now you can go ahead and fully commit to applying your colour. I would advise removing excess on the brush if you are using a lasting matte colour, as when you make a mistake it can be a pain to remove and then you have to sometimes go back and touch up your foundation.


7. Some finishing tweaks you can add can either be a slight touch of highlight on your cupid’s bow. Another is to add a slight touch of contour in the middle of your bottom lip; applying the dark brown contour from your palette will accentuate the plumpness on your bottom lip.

Now you’ve got those 7 tips, I challenge you to go on that date and order that burger without fear!






Fourth year LLB Law with European Study (Spanish) student @ The University of Exeter, Devon
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