How To Achieve Glowing Skin Without Looking Oily


The days of matte are over as recent skin trends have been all about the dewy finish. However, this look can be hard to perfect, particularly for those of us with oily skin. Rumour has it, Marilyn Monroe coated her face in Vaseline before foundation application in order to achieve the glow. In reality, the majority of us would resemble a greasy mess within two hours if we applied a layer of Vaseline beneath make-up so here are some helpful tips for looking radiant and luminous without the unwanted oil.


1) Mix some liquid highlighter into your regular foundation before applying


This simple step can work wonders as it enables any foundation of any finish, even matte, to appear glowing and healthy. Not to mention it is a great way of saving money as the technique removes the necessity to purchase a new foundation. A liquid highlighter that works fabulously with foundation is Revlon’s Skin Lights Face Illuminator which comes in a variety of shades for every skin tone.



2) Avoid over powdering


For most of us, powdering is a necessity in some areas of the face which simply won’t withstand the day if left unset. However, the most common area for oil is the T-Zone; lightly dusting a setting powder in this area alone will give the appearance of a fresh and radiant face that glows in all the right areas. Picking the right brush for this job is very important and recently we have been loving Morphe Brushes which are both affordable and perfect to use with powders. 



3) Introduce a setting spray into your routine


We find that using a setting spray can really add the final touch to a makeup routine as the liquid revitalises the luminosity of the face and prevents the cakey finish that over-powdering can often create. Hint – be sure to apply the spray BEFORE mascara or the mascara will be likely to smudge. Our favourite setting spray is the NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray which comes in ‘Dewy finish’ or ‘Matte finish’ making it suitable for any skin type.



4) Apply powder highlighter


Of course, no glow would be complete without a touch of powder highlighter to maximise light reflection. The great thing about powder highlights is that they won’t produce oil yet will still give the skin a gleam which finishes the skin off perfectly. Whether it's daytime and a gentle sweep across the top of your cheekbones is all that’s needed or an evening out when a more intense application is in order, powder highlight is a true skin essential for us. MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish highlighter is one of our favourites.