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HCX’s Favourite Celeb Besties

Here at HerCampus we know there’s no one who’s got your back quite like your Bestie, and we’ve discovered that our favourite celebs feel the same way! 


1. Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner

With the media dubbing them the portmanteau Kendra, Brangelina style, there is no doubt that these pals are the epitome of best-friendship in fashion circles. When the pair shunned the Victoria Secret Fashion Show to walk for Chanel in Austria, their friendship became one of instagram-documented perfection, so inseparable that Cara jokes about entering the Kardashian Klan and changing her name to Kara.



They know how to share a joke, Kendall instagrammed a video of her ‘luggage’ arriving only to have Cara appear on the baggage reclaim belt, making it clear that it would be endless fun hanging out with them. From sharing magazine covers to supporting each other at the various fashion shows they feature in, to the always-enviable mini-breaks, these two inspire fashionable friendship’s everywhere!



2. Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

Taylor is known for her close friendships with pretty well everyone: when she won the Brit for Best international Female Artist top of her thank you’s were her British friends, especially Ed Sheeran, showing just how seriously this girl takes her friends. However her friendship with Karlie takes things to a whole other level. 



The two could easily pass for sisters: tall, blonde and beautiful, but their friendship goes far beyond looks. These besties spend their time in completely relatable ways having epic baking days, doing their makeup together, and going on walks through the woods.



Even though they’re makeup is being done for the Met Gala and they also go for walks down the Victoria Secret cat walk together, there is no denying that Taylor and Karlie are the embodiment of best friendship in their endless support for each other. After all, girls who cover Vogue together, stay together!



3. Rihanna and Katy Perry

These two pop princesses know how to make friendship look good. The two share a quirky sense of style and humour and we know that hanging with them would be nothing but lols. Katy wished her BFF a HBD that includes the usual mix of compliments, drunken wishes and cheesy love showing they really are just like us. Well basically…!



4. Beyonce and Solange

Queen Bey likes to keep her private life just that, but the little glimpses we get show her as a dedicated and long haul friend. Kelly and Michelle from Destiny’s Child still achieve bestie status with the ultimate diva, but it is her sister Solange who gets the top spot. The sister’s show that blood really is thicker than water and do it all with style and grace!



5. Taylor Swift and Pretty Well Everyone

Rounding out the best of the best friends is almost every young, cool and enviable A-lister in Hollywood right now. Taylor Swift’s list of best friends is endless, and although none quite compare to her and Karlie, the sheer number of friends she keeps warrant her a second entrance to this list.


Hanging out with models, musicians and actors in equal measure, Taylor has the celeb world covered. The girls from Haim, Lena Dunham, Selena Gomez, multiple Victoria Secret models, Emma Stone, Ellie Goulding, Lorde, Sam Smith, Sarah Hyland and Ed Sheeran and countless others have all made it onto Taylor’s instagram and usually feature holiday snaps or a faultless selfie.



Seeing Taylor balance an award-winning multi-million pound career while maintaining friendships across the world shows how easy it can be to take your friends for granted, even though they’re the ones who will see you through it all. 


While we may not be covering magazines with our friends we do know we always have the best times when we’re with the gals, so take inspiration from these glamorous friends, and round up the girls for some fun this week!



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