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HCX Travel: Top 5 Things To Do In Budapest

With more and more people looking to explore European cities such as Budapest this summer, or even as a spring weekend getaway, Her Campus has picked out 5 essential activities to experience the Hungarian capital at its best.

Thermal Baths

One of the most iconic things about Budapest is the numerous thermal baths dotted around the city. This is probably the most highly recommended activity to do in the Hungarian capital. There are a total of twelve baths and visiting them regularly is a local way of life as they are supposed to have healing properties. Széchenyi, especially, is incredible. It’s a palace complex of neo-Baroque architecture painted in vivid yellow. Many people have said that it was the most relaxed they have ever felt, swimming in the warm water whilst clouds of steam billow out into the cold air. There are even chess boards and a pool with a current to have fun in.


Probably one of the best cafés in Budapest is Gerbeaud, an elegant patisserie established in 1884 and set in the beautiful Vörösmarty Square. Inside are pyramids of macaroons and a dazzling array of Hungarian cakes, almost always towering in chocolate, cream, chestnuts and fruit. The hot chocolate there tastes quite literally like molten chocolate and the coffees are famous; some contain dark chocolate and apricot liqueur!

Castle District

Buda Castle is set nearly 200ft about the river, and you can use the Castle Hill Funicular to get there. It is a traditional wooden tram on a cable railway that edges slowly up the hill whilst you face the river and see the city and river growing smaller. Once at the top, you can visit the magnificent castle or explore the area around it. Although very quiet in the Winter, Summer evenings at Castle Hill are lively with restaurants, cafés and museums.

Danube River Boat Trip

Although a slightly more expensive activity, taking a boat trip down the Danube is a must. There are day trips and also a candlelit dinner cruise, which is the most wonderful place to spend an evening. The boat holds quite a few little tables for two and provides a welcoming glass of champagne. As the boat drifts along the river, all the sites can be seen: the famous Parliamentary Building on one side and Buda Castle on the other. The food served here is some of the best in Budapest and the live music adds to the romantic, relaxed atmosphere. It really is the perfect way to see the city.

City Bars

Anyone who knows Budapest knows that the bars are amazing, and you only need to step inside one to see why. The Pest side of the river is the best area to sample the Hungarian nightlife. Inside Csendes Bar there are as many small tables as you can fit in one room, all crammed together with mismatched chairs. On the floor are faded rugs and hanging from the ceiling are various random objects: a rocking horse, a bicycle, a chandelier. On the walls are lots of paintings, drawings, doodles and stickers. The entire place would probably be eccentric and possibly creepy in cold daylight but with music, darkness and after a drink or two, it seems like the best place imaginable. The waitress serves you at the table and can bring beer (which comes in 1 litre glasses) or traditional Hungarian spirits like pálinka (a strong brandy drink) or feyn (a fizzy vodka shot).

So if you are travelling to Budapest any time soon, make sure you try at least one of these amazing places to see the Hungarian city at its best.

Photo credits: www.pinterest.com , www.gerbeaud.huwww.skyscrapercity.comwww.legenda.huwww.facebook.com/csendesvintagebar

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