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HCX Travel: Sun Before Summer

You know that feeling when you’re sat inside looking out at the dreary weather and just wishing you could be somewhere else? It happens to the best of us. When Christmas is over, everyone has had enough of the cold, the rain, and the grey skies, and summer just seems an age away. But why should we have to wait until the summer to get some sun and have a break? HCX thinks an Easter break is the perfect time for a getaway – leave the April showers behind for fun in the sun! We’ve narrowed down the top getaway destinations to make it easier to plan your break!

Canary Islands

The Canaries are perfect if you are looking for sun before the summer and a tan that will leave all your friends envious! Situated off the North West coast of Africa, the Canaries provide temperatures of up to 30 degrees in April so be prepared for a scorcher – perfect for sun seekers! An ideal location for a couple of friends looking to get away from the horrific English weather, winter blues and to break up the gap between Uni and the dreaded revision period.

Our favourite island has to be Gran Canaria known as “A continent in miniature” due to the vast variety of things on offer! The picturesque island is filled with beautiful beaches great for relaxation and sunbathing. Spend the evening drinking cocktails by the beach, or if you are more of a partygoer and want to let off some steam before exams, the nightlife is second to none! ‘Las Palmas’ is a thriving city with bars, clubs and restaurants to keep you entertained. If your idea of fun in the sun includes busy beaches with organized activities and beach parties then make sure to visit ‘Playa del Ingles’ and ‘Maspalomas’. For young people on a budget that want to experience great weather, shopping, relaxation and the beautiful Saharan dunes, you are really spoilt for choice when it comes to Gran Canaria!

Tenerife, with its beautiful volcanic landscape, stunning beaches and great nightlife is also a great choice when visiting the Canaries. Picture this: laying under the sizzling sun on a beautiful white sand beach, reading a good book and being able to see the snow-capped mountains in the distance… pure bliss.

Egypt – Sharm el Sheikh

For another perfect destination that offers a combination of relaxing beach holiday (26-30 degrees in April/May) and fun-filled experience, look no further than Sharm el Sheikh. If you aren’t captivated enough by the glistening waters, the breathtaking views and the beautiful white sandy beaches, then we are sure that taking part in glass bottom boat trips over the stunning underwater life and camel rides through the deserts are bound to leave you feeling more than satisfied. The crystal blue seas are perfect for divers, and the coral reefs in Ras Mohammed National Park are a snorkeler’s paradise. Sharm el Sheikh is not only a beautiful location but is also known as the liveliest area of Egypt, with an abundance of shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants and popular nightlife making it a real gem in our eyes!

Greece – Mykonos

Mykonos is a stunning Greek Island with a lot to offer. Known for its infamous bright white traditional Greek buildings and white washed streets, this island is a holiday seeker’s paradise. The combination of spectacular beaches, chic boutiques, lively bars and restaurants with a notorious party nightlife, result in Mykonos being the ideal destination for a fun-filled escape from the dreary routine back at home! The scenic ‘Little Venice;’ with colourful balconies over the sea, the idyllic windmills on the hilltops, and a boat trip to the archeological gem of Delos, a sacred island in ancient times, provides great authentic Greek character. The cosmopolitan, Cycladic fishing village is the ultimate marriage of traditional breathtaking scenery and fashionable, upmarket glamour. Designer boutiques, refined restaurants and classy cocktail bars grace the island and beach bars and parties are extremely popular with tourists. However if you want to soak up the sunrays and read a good book, you can find more private beaches.  For thrill seekers, watersports is a must, as the island is known as ‘the island of the winds’. Mykonos is ultimately a fashionable island that hasn’t lost its Greek authenticity.

With prices in the Easter period being up to a third of prices cheaper in the busy summer period, HCX thinks there is no excuse to not enjoy a pre-summer holiday! 


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