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HCX Travel: Best Beaches on Earth

What shouts ‘holiday’ more than being on a beach? HCX has lined up what we think are the top beaches in the world to visit...

Thailand - Maya Bay

In the picturesque island of Phi Phi Leh lies Maya Bay, a truly iconic beach. Maya Bay is seen as such an idyllic paradise that it was chosen to be featured in the film ‘The Beach’ with Leonardo DiCaprio. Crystal clear blue waters, coral reefs and golden sands are surrounded by 100 metre high cliffs, which truly create a sense of tropical paradise. Being in a national park the beauty of this beach is second to none. Words cannot begin to do this beach justice; we at HCX believe this destination deserves to be visited to experience its true beauty!

Malta - Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in the Maltese island of Comino is a truly mesmerising beach. The island is known for its tranquillity, with less than a dozen inhabitants, and limited number of tourist boats allowed to visit the beach per day, the scenery remains well-preserved.  The Cyan crystal waters are so clear that they are likened to a swimming pool, the ultimate haven for snorkelling and scuba diving!  The surrounding cliffs over the years have eroded to form caves in the sea – ideal for lovers wanting privacy on a romantic getaway! The name of this beach perfectly depicts the serenity and splendour making the Blue Lagoon one of the nicest beaches HCX has visited.

Zakynthos – Navagio (Shipwreck Bay)

Navagio Beach or better known as ‘Shipwreck Bay’ is the most photographed beach in Greece. The beach is Infamous for its unique tourist attraction, a shipwreck emerging out of the golden sands. The shipwreck is believed to have been a smuggler boat from 1983. Over the years the sand has surrounded the shipwreck creating a magical and surreal scene. The Breathtaking natural environment is outstanding. This beach is ideal for scenic views, keen photographers and boat trips. The Huge Limestone cliffs surround the isolated sandy cove and the turquoise waters compliment the simplistic beauty of Shipwreck Bay. A tourist destination not to be missed!

Seychelles – Anse Source D’argent

The most photographed beach in the world. Take a moment to imagine the most amazing beach with the most breath-taking scenery; even now you still can’t even come close to the reality of the beauty found in Anse Source D’argent. The pink powdery sandy beach is a sunbather’s bliss. Situated amongst iconic palm trees and sculpted by huge boulders the backdrop is beyond doubt overwhelming.  The warm shallow waters are ideal for a family holiday or for those wanting fun in the sun. It is the beach of all beaches.

Rio de Janero - Ipanema Beach

Now for a beach that is famous for its social life than its scenery. Ipanema Beach became famous in the 1970’s for the cultural and fashion revolution of the brazillian ‘thong bikinini’. Ever since the beach has been known for setting the criteria and the mark for other beaches to follow in terms of fashion and ultimately what is ‘chic’ on the beach. The lively atmosphere and sense of freedom on this beach is enough to make it worth exploring! It is a surfer’s dream with huge waves throughout the year. Those that love to tan will feel at home in this beach as locals spend their days soaking in the rays. Not a beach designed for peaceful escapes, but a beach for fun seeking individuals. 


Photo Credits: Pinterest

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